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If you think young people need something else, where should it go?

almost 6 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Lia almost 6 years ago
    I firstly must apologise for coming into this discussion late, it was not intentional and I see now that I wished I'd participated earlier. Based on feedback from kids it would great if we had a Swimming Pool complex (Kati kati has Dave Hume Pools) and or a mini golf. Both of which are family acitivites as well as purely sports facilities. I realise that the school has a pool which is used, but also that a new pool for the school is a huge expense, a swimming complex would provide space for a wider range of ages, activities, and events. A mini golf green possibly with extra features which would make it a multi play area would provide another family activity for families as a whole and mean that ther would be more within the community and less travelling for family outings. Another idea I had was an adapatble moldular type play ground for kids of all ages. Something that the kids could create and recreate as part of the play and so are part of the setting up stage. Probably too late for this now. I also agree that the tennis courts need to be multi use. The above suggestions are trying to include a variety of options to suit a wider range of children.
  • mat2000 almost 6 years ago
    I definitely think a skateboard bowl and perhaps a hard court for basketball would best be situated at the domain. It is a natural for families with young children to want something nearby for their young teens, rather than be segregated to another part of Omokoroa. The domain has the dairy, wharf, beach, restaurant, park and field, it would be wonderful if we could maintain this area of Omokoroa as the hub, and enhance it by updating it and adding to it with more facilities.