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almost 6 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Pad almost 6 years ago
    I have nothing against the game of tennis per se. What I do take issue with is ensuring that where elected members are about to consider spending public money of the sums required to build 4 tennis courts [200k plus] which will cater for one sport are reminded that there are many people who reside in the electorate who wish to see our taxes benefitting as wider cross section of our community now and in the future. To that end I am not sure tennis fits that criteria.For mine this consultative process has highlighted this.
  • Fredm almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concernWill tennis courts be open to the general public? Will this be run by Recreational Society? If not surely tennis club should be paying NOT ratepayers! Public money and grounds should be for general public to use.Is more land available for future growth ie.Hockey, Rugby,Cricket,Netball,Swimming Pool ..? Can athletics track be extended to 400m as kids get older and population ages & increases with the tennis courts in the way? Has Omokoroa Point School & Pahoia School run out of sports land and would this accommodate them? I agree the clubrooms need to be extended for existing and new sports to use not removed to have new tennis courts.
  • maia almost 6 years ago
    To Whom it may concern,I am writing this letter to you because my class, myself and many others from Omokoroa point school and the Tauranga district need a skate path. This would prevent us from becoming bored and antisocial. If we had a skate path we could meet new people from other Schools. It will attract people to our beautiful Omokoroa Point, we have nothing currently for the preteens and teenagers. The littlies have a play ground and the elderly have our tennis courts to use. What about us? A skate path would be a safe place to enjoy our interests and give older children a place to hang out as they currently don't have many options. My class and I have been sketching an appropriate design for what the skate path should look like. Please look over these designs.Yours faithfully Maia Cornforth
  • tj almost 6 years ago
    To Whom It May ConcernI am writing this letter because the kids of Omokoroa Point School would sincerely like to have a skate path at Western Ave. We have made designs for you to consider. I hope it's not a money problem because then this extraordinary idea would go to waste. The younger and older children will enjoy it.It's a nice place to have a picnic or lunch. We have aloud you to put this where ever you like a Western Ave.There will be a junior course and a experienced course. It's unfair if the elders get there tennis courts, what do the children get. Western Aveis a great place for a skate path, It's spacious and vibrant with colours. If we don't have a skate park let us have a skate path.Yours sincerely TJ
  • omokoroapointschool almost 6 years ago
    The Rec Society represent a number of sports clubs who make use of the Western Ave Sports Grounds some of which have been around for many years. As a school we have enjoyed the use of the clubrooms for interschool activities and events such as our athletics days. The clubrooms are very small and do not really cater for the possibility of other sports e.g. table tennis and badminton. But more importantly the lack of storage and washroom, shower facilities and indoor meeting space for prize givings is very evident. Our comment is why has the council indicated the priority for funding be spent on new tennis courts when the clubs who use the Western Ave Grounds currently are in need of facilities to improve their use? The soccer, athletics, mahjong, akido, boxing and rippa rubgy groups have had a long and successful association with the Western Ave grounds. It would be good to see these groups have their needs put as top priority.