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almost 3 years ago
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Leave your feedback or comments about any Te Puke topic or project here. We'd also love to hear what your wants are for Te Puke's future and what matters to you going forward.

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  • Rebecca about 3 years ago
    As a parent of two school age children I would like to see a sports centre / recreational building for young people and the community. The current swimming pool is old and dated and not open most of the year. Also a gymnasium would benefit community members of all ages.
  • Rebecca about 3 years ago
    My children attend the Te Puke gym club, it's an old tired facility, not well suited to competitions or performances and with nothing for the parents to do there. A purpose built gymnasium within a sports complex, with a pool etc., would be a good investment beneficial to young and old alike
  • Mandy about 3 years ago
    Te Puke is in need of a new gym club facility. The current club is very small and has no room for growth. Te Puke gym is the closest facility for Papamoa residents also. There has been huge growth in the area and it is increasing daily - we need a bigger facility to cater for this and where it can offer more activities for all ages. A facility is needed where equipment can be left out and does not have to be put away after each session
  • Ynah about 3 years ago
    I'd like to see Te Puke with a purpose built facility for Gymnastics. I have a child that attends the Te Puke Gymsport and it is great to see so many children involved in a multidiscipline sport.It is my son that attends and I think for boys this is a great discipline to be involved in. However the current facilities do not have the space required inside the gym for the equipment and outside the gym for parking.So please Western Bay Council consider a purpose built facility so the Te Puke Gymsport can grow.
  • Greg D about 3 years ago
    Te Puke Gymsport is in real need of a new facility. The existing facility is subject to rent increases and is barely adequate for the many Te Puke and Tauranga people using it. The staff do a great job but are now limited in what they can provide-there is no area for expansion-the new Parkour area is now using half the Gym facility and the Gym area needs more floor space. Te Puke Gymsport has a great reputation, has been going for many years and as a parent with both my children attending it I think that Council could provide a new Gym facility since so many have and currently do use it. An expanded facility with crèche area, pool and parent viewing areas would be a great asset to local families and help to facilitate family health and wellbeing.
  • Jen about 3 years ago
    Te Puke Gymsport is the oldest gymnastic club in NZ, at over 50 years old. It fosters a culture of inclusion and acceptance of all children. Te Puke Gymsport attracts children form all backgrounds and facilitates them in their transition from young kids to becoming confidant, physically able children and valuable members of the Greater Te Puke community. It runs multiple classes from pre school gym, recreational and competitive gymnastic programmes , to an extensive parkour programme and adult gym/fitness classes. Te Puke Gymsport is a charitable trust, and strives to keep its fees affordable for the local community but this is becoming increasingly difficult. This year a large rent increase will put pressure onto the club to squeeze more people into our already busy building to enable the costs to be met.A larger purpose built building would allow expansion of the successful gymnastic and parkour sports areas and enable the club to capitalize on the explosion in population in the western bay while maintaining quality programmes.With more space separate Tumbling and trampolining areas would enable the expansion of the club into theses sports, which is under catered for in the greater Bay of Plenty region.Schools and other local sports clubs would be able to access and use the larger building to compliment their current training regimes, while currently there is barley enough space for the gymnastics programmed to train for the required time.In addition a gym which could cater competitive gymnastics competitions would bring money into the local economy with up to 500 gymnasts normal attendance for a weekend junior competition over just 2 days.On a personal note, I have two children who have been attending Te Puke Gymsport for over 5 years. I credit the gyms involvement for a large part of their developing resilience, fitness and determination which will assist them in school and life in the coming years.
  • Sara about 3 years ago
    Te Puke Gymsport Club is a charity and is growing. It has over 300 members. The Club is designed for young people to develop their movement skills, learn and compete in new sports, and it offers many different gymnastics based activities. It offers a wide range of great fun activities such as gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling and Parkour for all ages from pre school to adult. It has the largest number of Parkour athletes in the Bay of Plenty .The club is struggling in its current venue to support the growth from Te Puke and the wider Tauranga/Papamoa areas. The Club needs a piece of land close to schools (so children can get there safely) and it can get the building built. I would like the Council to donate or allow the club to rent a piece of land at Jubilee Park preferably or Centennial Park. A purpose-built facility would allow the Club can grow all of its areas. It could double in size and offer great opportunities for our children and young people. If the Council gave the land the Club could build a building which is safe, warmer in the winter and suitable for its purpose. The Bay of Plenty does not have a purpose built gymsports facility anywhere yet! Surprising seeing as it is the 5th biggest region for gymnastics in the country and the sports are growing. I volunteer at the club and see the huge benefits the club offers in child development. Please Western Bay Council help the young people of Te Puke and the wider area to grow confident, develop and be active!
  • S.B about 3 years ago
    I would love to see a purpose built facility for gymsport in Te Puke, allowing specific layout and planning for the various classes on offer, and a safe / comfortable area for those watching. I have many years ahead of us at the gym and would welcome a new facility.
  • Christo about 3 years ago
    Te Puke with a purpose built facility for Gymnastics,will definitely lift the town spirit and confidence especially the kids from local and all around will benefit from such a facility However the current facilities do not have the space required inside the gym for the equipment and outside the gym for parking.So please Western Bay Council consider a purpose built facility ,thanks
  • Natasha Biddle about 3 years ago
    Both of my sons have benefited hugely from attending Te Puke Gym Sports. One of them has Aspergers and struggles hugely with team sports. Parkour keeps him active and helps to release his stress. To have a purpose built building would not only continue to keep my kids active and social but others also
  • Daniel about 3 years ago
    I support Te Puke Gymsport. We live in Papamoa East and my daughter attends Te Puke Gym and enjoys it. She enjoys the exercise, the instructors and the opportunity to spend time with her friends.
  • ParkourFan about 3 years ago
    My 10 year old son takes a weekly Parkour class at Te Puke Gymsport. He loves it and it is helping him focus better (he has ADHD) and also improving his self-esteem and fitness. We live in Papamoa and are happy to take the drive because the classes and teachers are wonderful. For those not driving, the building is not in central Te Puke, but, rather tucked away. The gym is looking to expand and will need to get a larger, purpose-built building in a more central location, close to Te Puke’s schools (for safe access for students). If the Council helps Te Puke Gymsport by providing a suitable piece of land, in their plan, the result will be a superb Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampolining club in the heart of Te Puke, serving both Te Puke and Papamoa. I believe this would be a great use of Council land and money.
  • Steph about 3 years ago
    Both our children attend Gymnastics & Parkour at Te Puke GymSport. The coaches & committee do a wonderful job with running it. It would be amazing if the council could assist with helping the club secure a purpose built gym for the gym club with a rent that is affordable. There is a large number of local & non local children that attend the club on a weekly basis & there for would be a great asset to the community.Please consider helping out Te Puke GymSport as it would be devastating if the gym was to close.
  • Lance about 3 years ago
    I would like it if council would NOT fund any large projects this year. I would like to see money put into town debt, and a reduction in rates. Reduce rates so that rentals can become cheaper, and home owners can have spare money to spend in town.
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    • Sara about 3 years ago
      Hi Lance, If you are referring to the interest in a gymsport building, I just though I'd let you know that the Club is only after some land from the Council. We believe that due to the nature of this project there are many funders who will get behind it - it gives so much to the community as it is a venue for all and will bring more people into the town to support local retailers and businesses. It will also help to keep our young people off the streets and in positive activity. You should come along between 3.30pm and 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, it is very busy but you will see what goes on and we can show you Best wishes Sarah :)
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      • Lance about 3 years ago
        No Sara, I am not. It is just one of the many things that contribute to the growing rates of Te Puke. My kids go to the gym too, so I already know what happens there thanks. I also received the email sent out to everyone with a message to change and bomb in this survey. If rates were less then rent would be less and more people could afford to go to the gym. Then the gym might be able to fund it's own business. Because ultimately that's what it is. I am also referring to unnecessary upgrades to playgrounds, offer priced flags down the street... Maybe you should look on the streets more and see what a wonderful bunch of people are doing there.
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        • Sara about 3 years ago
          Hi Lance, Thanks for the reply. The Club obviously needs to be communicating better as it is a registered charity and not a business so no funds go outside of the club it all stays inside to support the programs. Your children come along and that is great, I'm sure you see a benefit in the club then - Also our Members have been talking for over 10 years about getting some land so we earn't surprised people wanted to speak up. The Club pays rates on its building now and would expect to pay rates and ground rent for land too. Would be interested to know why the Club renting a piece of land and paying rates means the rates will go up in Te Puke - can you advise me?
  • Marama about 3 years ago
    I love what has been happening in Te Puke around the New World area with the playground and skate park. Great work! We mostly use these facilities, twice weekly, before we go to Te Puke Gym Sport where my two children attend gymnastics and parkour. This is an amazing facility and currently a huge number of children attending (300 odd). Over the past 4-5 years we have been attending I've watched the club grow larger. More and more families are coming to use this gym and unfortunately the current building is no longer able to meet the needs of the community that use it. The car park is too small, the reception area is crowded and there isn't space to be able to watch your children, the floor area is incredibly busy and the children are pushed into smaller and smaller spaces to accomodate all classes, and it's freezing in winter. With the growth in Papamoa, it is likely that this gym will only grow, but there is a huge potential benefit for Te Puke in that all of these people driving to Te Puke a couple of times a week will, like me, spend money at the local supermarket and other stores due to the convenience. The volunteer committee and coaches do an amazing job, however, there is a real need for: A purpose-built facility so the club can grow all of its areas A place which is close to local schools so children can safely get to the gym A facility where the club can double in size looking after the communities in Te Puke and Papamoa A facility where the club can offer more activities for more people of all ages and stages A place where the participants can train safely (brighter, warmer in the winter (parents go rugged up with coats and scarves - it's colder inside than out!)  A gym where bigger events to higher levels can be held A space for parents to watch their children comfortably A good reception area that is welcoming and inviting.It's a great opportunity for Te Puke that I would love to see the council get behind.
  • Nic about 3 years ago
    My daughter has been attending Te Puke Gym Sport for 3 years and the club has grown vastly in numbers during that time. The current building isn't suitable for the increasing numbers and it would be fantastic to have a purpose built building that would support the growing population. Having a purpose built building would help support the community with revenue spent at local businesses and hopefully Te Puke Gym Sport could hold gym competitions which would bring revenue / opportunity to the community of Te Puke. It would be fantastic to see the WBOP Council support Te Puke Gym Sport which is a important part of the Te Puke (and wider) community, as well as helping keep children active and healthy.
  • rae about 3 years ago
    We live in Papamoa East but travel out to Te Puke for my daughter to attend Te Puke Gym sport. The team there are amazing but the number of children attending is increasing and soon enough the building will be too small to support their growth. A bigger purpose built space is needed to support Te Puke and it's surrounding areas to allow more children to get involved in physical activity. This club is not just about Gymnastics it also helps encourage children to develop their personal skills and it's a great meeting place for the community.
  • Janine about 3 years ago
    With one of the fastest growing areas in NZ it would be amazing if Te Puke Gymsport could keep up with the growth of the region. It be great to have a purpose built facility with the oldest club in NZ in Te Puke to build future champions... Te Puke Gymsport is a charitable trust which strives to keep fees affordable which is becoming increasingly difficult with large rent increases. The club at it's current location is bursting at the seams. With over 300 members there is very little parking, very little space for a parent to watch their child/children train and learn. The reception area is a jostle of adults and children coming and going before and after classes. The club, it's coaches and all that volunteer their time are all amazing people that are giving their time to teach our children. They and our future champions could benefit so much from a purpose built facility as well as the revenue it would bring into the local businesses in Te Puke. My daughter has been attending Te Puke Gymsport for 4 years now starting in the recreational classes and progressing to competing in competitions. Gymnastics has helped with her confidence, fitness, determination, dedication and when not at gymnastics just getting her outside, being active and away from technology.
  • Kylee about 3 years ago
    I am a Papamoa East resident and travel to Te Puke Gymsport twice a week to support my two children who are members of the club in Parkour and competitive gymnastics. We have been associated with the club for over 4 years now and during that time I have seen a huge increase in the number of families attending the club. with the club now having over 300 members the facility is bursting at the seams, the floor space is busy, the reception area is over-crowded and the car parking area is way to small to accommodate members. A purpose built facility would benefit not only the club but the Te Puke township. When I am waiting for my kids classes to finish, I do my grocery shopping in Te Puke, I also visit and purchase from the town centre shops, all of this generating money for the Te Puke community. If Te Puke Gymsport had a purpose built facility they would be able to host their own competitions, bringing in people from out of town who would require accommodation, meals etc during their stay. This has to be good for the community. The club is lucky enough to have a dedicated team of coaches, committee members and supporters who are committed to the future of the club. The council need to support this initiative.
  • Veronika about 3 years ago
    My both boys just joined Te Puke Gymsport several months ago. Originally I was looking for a competitive gymnastics boys class and this was the only gym in Tauranga that had this class available for my 6 years old boy with an awesome coach Pam running it. My 4 year old boy also joined a pre-school gymnastics class. We travel here once or twice per week from Welcome Bay. We would like the gymnastics facility to be upgraded to the international level so all the children have all the necessary gymnastics equipment available. It would be nice for parents to have a good area to sit and watch their children as well. I am from St.Petersburg, Russia myself and recently visited gymnastics facilities back at home and was so impressed by them:) bright, warm, well equipped places ! I am sure if we have Te Puke Gymsport upgraded to the highest level possible that we will see future Olympic champions coming out of our club:).. thank you..
  • Ally about 3 years ago
    For the past 3 years, my 3 children have been involved with the Te Puke Gymsport club. They have been involved with both gymnastics and Parkour, during term time and have also participated in Holiday programmes run through this club. We have found the coaching and people involved to be excellent although the facilities are dated and can be overcrowded at times (as is the car park). Having a bigger facility to accommodate the 300 members would be brilliant. The Parkour division has gone from strength to strength - as numbers have increased, more classes have been offered, each week. Our son has benefited from increased co ordination, flexibility, strength and confidence. He looks forward to each session and is positively buzzing at the end. We have a number of friends who also attend the Te Puke club but reside in Papamoa. Having a facility to accommodate the growing population and grow the club as a whole is seen not only as as a 'benefit for the town' but also helps with Te Puke being a 'destination' for families.
  • Paul about 3 years ago
    For the past few years we have traveled from Papamoa East to attend Te Puke Gymsport Club. My Daughter Medea is involved in Competative Gymnastics and is the currently National Vault Champion. Medea has also represented NZ at Power tumbling taking Bronze at this years Indos competition attended by Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. These are all skills developed at Te Puke Gymsport. For her and others a facility that can support more speciality equipment and room for the ever growing number of kids that want to explore gymnastics with the possibility to represent NZ is much needed. It's a wonderfull place with a very frendly atmosphere. The kids spend hours training together and form life long relationships, they learn hard work does pay off. you see the excitment in their face when they learn a new skill and then get to ring the bell and show it off to their fellow athletes. Please support us in developing these future athletes and possible NZ representatives.
  • Kirstyn about 3 years ago
    We travel 3 to 4 times per week to attend competitive gymnastics at Te Puke Gymnastics Club from Whakatane. We have been for 3 years. Te Puke has the best coaches in the Bay of Plenty which is why we travel their, but unfortunately not the best facility to train in. It is extremely hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. The club is in desperate need of some land so they can build their own facility. Te Puke Gymnastics Club has more senior gymnasts than any of the other BOP clubs, but unfortunately the equipment is not up to standard which means we have to travel further afield to train. We have to travel to Auckland or Taupo to use a pit and to Rotorua to use their tumbling track. Te Puke offers so many different classes from pre schoolers through to adults and has a growing membership. The current building is no longer big enough, neither is the car park or the waiting area for parents. The club even had to hire another facility for their Christmas display last year as there was no way we could have all fit in. The club and Te Puke town would also benefit from visitors attending competitions if we had a big enough facility to hold them.To end, Gymnastics is an absolutely amazing sport. It teaches our children to try and try again, it takes hours of practice to perfect the moves and become a champion, it certainly doesn't happen overnight. It teaches them resilience and how to deal with disappointment. It also teaches discipline. These skills that gymnasts have transfer perfectly to an array of other sports and also to the classroom.
  • Janny about 3 years ago
    The tepuke area would definitely benefit from a purpose built gymnastics and sports centre. I grew up in tepuke and was an active gymnastics member for many years. I would fully support anything that was likely to give other children the experiences I had. This is badly needed
  • Helen about 3 years ago
    We live in Tauranga and travel to Te Puke twice a week to tumbling classes, as Te Puke has the only air track and the best coaches. We also travel to Rotorua once a week to utilise their tumble track, as Te Pukes building is too small to fit a full sized competitive track. We love the community nature and coaching we receive. Having grown up in Te Puke, and been involved with the club previously for 23 years, it is definitely time to see the club get a bigger, purpose built building. The club is one of the longest running in the country, with one of the smallest premises. For a small town, it has a large membership, including many locals and those willing to travel from whakatane, Tauranga, Papamoa and the like.It would be great to see the community supporting this fantastic club, that has taught so many over the years. Gymnastics helps develop the foundation skills for many sports and develops many life long friendships as well. Please help us to develop some more stars for the future.
  • Bev about 3 years ago
    The children, grand children and now great grand children of my family have been involved with Te Puke gymnastics for 50 years. The committees, coaches, parents, volunteers and the children themselves spend an enormous amount of time fund raising to try to keep the costs to parents down but rents and costs keep rising. Surely Te Puke gymnasts deserve council help in providing land for a bigger purpose built building that is warm in winter and cool in summer and is big enough to house all the everything the club needs.
  • Janet about 3 years ago
    Since Te Puke Gymsport began renting its current building at 27 Station Rd it has developed into a great asset for the Te Puke District community & wider Bay of Plenty. (30 % of members come from Papamoa.). As per council submissions made over the last 6 years the club would like to lease a suitable site from the WBOP council on which to build a purpose built building. By having our own building it would make the club more sustainable for the future. The reality of gymnastics is that you need a large indoor space where the main apparatus can be permanently set up however this is costly compared to other sports clubs due to the building size. However , we have proved over the last 8 years that demand for our classes is growing. In adition to gymnastics we are now providing tumbling & trampoline classes also very popular. We have also embraced other compatible disciplines (Parkour, dance & cheerleading) and are providing these to the community and also making our indoor space financially viable. However, now we have the problem of not enough space to offer all that is being demanded!! We currently provide over 50 hours per week of classes, a school holiday programme, school holiday camps, & annual schools competition. Additionally, we have the burden of paying commercial rent, two thirds of which is funded by grants. This is a risk to the club's future should grants dry up. By having a larger purpose built building we could offer so much more to the community as well as expanding on what we currently do. As well as more Gymsport's, other activities that are currently being demanded are circus skills, , general fitness & group facility hire. A purpose built building will be an amazing community multi- sport indoor space for the youth of Te Puke district , Papamoa & beyond . We are open to any possible collaboration with other community groups.
  • Joce about 3 years ago
    Te Puke Gymsport is the oldest gym club in NZ and is once again looking for a facility in which they can continue to grow and provide wonderful opportunities for children to participate in gymnastics based activities that are the basis of all sports. The club operated from the TPHS for many years and contributed to the setting up of the gymnasium when it was built, providing equipment for the school's use. But growth was not possible due to the restricted time available for use of the gym. In 2009 an industrial building was leased and set up solely for gymnastic activities. Since then many new classes have been introduced and there are now opportunities for everyone from babies to adults to participate in Trampoline, Tumbling, Parkour, Acro Dance, Pilates as well as gymnastics. Te Puke Gymsports is now one of the largest clubs in NZ drawing members from surrounding areas and many more users such as schools and other clubs. We do not want to move out of town as we feel the people of Te Puke own our club and have a right to be able to participate and their children and grandchildren. A purpose built building on council land close to schools would enable the club to provide more and better programmes, so keeping many of the youth of the town engaged in healthy development and activity. It would provide a venue for large events and be a fantastic asset to the town which we could be proud of.
  • Jadeann about 3 years ago
    Te Puke Gymsport is NZ's oldest gymnastic club and an amazing community resource to Te Puke and it's surrounding area. It is also the closest gymnastics club to Papamoa East and 36% of the members travel from Papamoa, which is currently one of the fastest growing areas in NZ. Both of my children have been attending the club since 2009 and it has the most warm and inviting community focussed culture, which we love. The coaches genuinely care about the children and the benefits they get from movement. It has also taught my children invaluable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, commitment, resilience, teamwork - skills that are so important in today's society. The club's rent has recently increased by 25%, but it would definitely be more sustainable for the club to have it's own multi-purpose building, that could also be a valuable community resource and available for other clubs to use - especially smaller clubs, where it isn't viable for them to have their own premises. The club is growing and offers lots of gymsport options to kids of all ages, such as parkour, gym for all, tumbling, trampolining, cheerleading. The current building isn't specifically designed for gymsports and there is no room for growth at all. Gymnastics has been proven in many studies to be a foundation sport to all other sports, this is emphasised by the rapid rise in popularity of CrossFit. Children who play any sport at all can benefit from participating in a gymsport programme - not only the physical & health benefits, but the cognitive benefits which help with coordination and motor skills. It would be amazing to have a club that was big enough to allow more children to participate in this sport - and also to have a community facility that was available for all other sports to access the equipment.
  • Jillian about 3 years ago
    My daughter attends Te Puke Gymsport three times a week. Gymnastics is great for her confidence and fitness. It would be great if the club had a large enough ficility for hosting competitions and training camps which could benefit the local stores with the increase of visitors.
  • TeriH about 3 years ago
    I think a dog park would be a great addition to Te Puke. Somewhere that dogs can get some off lead exercise/socialisation that is away from children's playgrounds.
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    • Rachael Hopkins almost 3 years ago
      Centennial park! Great for dogs. But you need gumboots because council has never got the drainage right.
  • Rachael Hopkins almost 3 years ago
    I'm not sure why so many people are requesting gym sport, but I'd like to see the centennial park area fixed up. The new skate park in town is excellent, but the one on Atuaroa Ave is still well used. The adjacent playground is an embarrassment, it has had barely any maintenance, let alone enhancements in over a decade. The drainage issues in centennial park are ongoing- it's basically a marsh. And the far end by the tennis court is 39% baby gorse in summer - I have raised this in past, to be told 'it just looks like gorse'. It's gorse. The original Tennis Club plans when it was built included a new playground, built by council, it's been about 8 years, it would be nice to see this eventuate. Someone here has suggested a dog park, and centennial park is practically this already, between rugby and cricket. And please, please, reopen the public toilets, human faeces on the ground is not a good look. You can see why I used the word slum. Add it up: a boggy marshland, with human faeces on the ground, with ancient play facilities and gorse especially for bare feet. We pay equal rates to Remuera for this slum. It's shameful.
  • VectorGroupCharitableTrust almost 3 years ago
    We would like help with community and youth support in our area. We head up Vector Group Charitable Trust and would love to see some backing for youth projects and initiatives. http://www.vectorgroup.org.nz We support, Alt Ed, TPHS, CACTUS, Chaplaincy in Schools and have initiated a Youth Creatives Center on main street of Te Puke called The Loft, after School table tennis, pool table, games area, film and photography workshops, Pop-Up Ball shop to aid students in acquiring outfits, starting a youth led op-shop, doing 48 hour film comp with youth, launched Te Puke directory, launched online Business forms management tool. Business to youth mentoring and working with Dale Williams to implement strategic youth initiatives. We need help and financial support. We have received NO applied for funding and have done and are doing all of the above. We need a hand up to begin one of our projects which will enable us to be sustainable without relying on funding.We have also engaged in research, surveys and are community and youth informed. Our why, what and how is informed by our every day engagement and research.Please consider supporting youth initiatives in Te Puke and investing in those who are engaged in such projects. Belonging is a huge cry in this town.
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    • hannah almost 3 years ago
      The loft is an amazing place. Tracey and Steve dedicate so much of their time and energy to this wonderful place all out of the kindness of their hearts. When you go to the loft you feel absolutely welcome and safe. Anyone is welcome and it's heaps of fun! Table tennis, pool, board games, space to just chill out! Even an up and coming op shop!!! Honestly the highlight of my week is going to the loft and seeing Tracey and Steve and just being able to hang out or play a game of table tennis. It's amazing and I would recommend to all of my friends and tell them to tell their friends!
    • jacob almost 3 years ago
      The Loft is such a wonderful place to come hang out with after school on a Monday and is the highlight of my week, being greeted by both Tracey and Steve who are such a big influence on youth in Te Puke and everywhere they go. They go out of their way to make young youth active in Te Puke and have offered us many opportunities from doing the 48 hour Film Festival and already works in at creating an Op Shop that will be run by Youth! These are only a few of the many opportunities offered to us here at The Loft, there is plenty of things to do from Ping pong, Table Tennis, Pool, Foosball and many other amazing activity's. You will not be disappointed! If you're just stopping by, having a Monday after school or a day in the holidays it is an amazing opportunity we have here in Te Puke
    • jacob almost 3 years ago
      Steve and Tracey Fawcett have been involved within the Te Puke High School CACTUS program for the past 3 years. In this time, their Chaplaincy role has played an extremely important part in mentoring and facilitating in the operations of CACTUS which has benefited and changed the lives of approximately 175 students.At Te Puke High School we want our students to have the opportunity to experience hauora. Having the services of a Chaplain allows students the opportunity to explore this and to think about maintaining a healthy balance in each area of their lives. The work of a chaplain enhances the values taught through the Key Competencies laid out in the New Zealand Curriculum, supporting what the school is trying to achieve such as, relating to others, managing self and participation & contribution, to name a few. This is supported by the Te Whare Tapa Wha model, which is in the New Zealand School curriculum.The services provided by a Chaplain should be appropriate to Te Puke High School and knowledgeable of student contexts in which he or she will operate. With Steve and Tracey, their down-to-earth, hands on approach is non-intrusive, yet influential for those who are in their presence. At present at Te Puke High School, Steve and Tracey are respectful of the range of religious views and affiliations, and cultural traditions in the school and the community, they are also approachable by students of all faiths.The benefits of having a full-time Chaplain at Te Puke High School would be remarkable, they would be in the prevention and support business. The Chaplain would be helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown and loneliness to drug abuse, depression and suicide which were all issues surrounding Te Puke High School in 2016. They would provide a listening ear and a caring presence for kids in crisis and those who just need a friend. They also provide support for staff and parents in school communities.A 2009 national study into the effectiveness of chaplaincy in Australian government schools found that: 98% of principals surveyed said that chaplaincy was making a major contribution to school morale as it was proactive, unique, effective and important.92% of principals surveyed felt it was highly important to continue to have a chaplain serving in their schools;73% of students surveyed felt their chaplain was highly important in the school. In talking about what was most important about the chaplain, many students referred to the chaplain’s accessibility. Most staff and parents interviewed were concerned about whether there would be ongoing government funding for chaplains.Evidence suggests that, people who have had a strong connection with a strong positive role model during adolescence are much more resilient throughout their life. The positive relationships that both Steve and Tracey create as CACTUS Chaplin’s, enables our CACTUS students to thrive. We have identified that we need to acknowledge and care for the physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual areas of our CACTUS Students, and Steve and Tracey Fawcett have been instrumentally involved in providing the students with these areas, by professionally providing students an empathetic set of ears, offering sound advice, and encouragement where needed. Having the consistence presence of a school Chaplain would be an instrumental step in the right direction for the hauora of our students. Te Puke High School CACTUS CommitteeMelissa HolstJeff EastEmma JamiesonPaul Ferris