12 March → 06 April 2018

Informal community engagement

Preliminary feedback is sought from the public on ideas and comments

June 2018

Under review

Council considers preliminary feedback and adopts an initial representation proposal to go out for formal public consultation i.e. Council decides which Representation Option it prefers called “The Initial Proposal” - THIS IS WHERE WE'RE AT NOW.

July 2018

Initial Proposal

The Initial Proposal is notified publicly and people are invited to make formal submissions over a period of one month 

August 2018

Formal submission period

You can make a formal submission on Council's Initial Proposal

September 2018


Council holds a Hearing on submissions. You can attend the Hearing and talk about your submission in person

September 2018

Final Proposal

Council decides on its Final Proposal and the Final Proposal is notified publicly. If you don’t like Council’s final decision you can object or appeal

October 2018

Appeals or objections

If any appeals or objections are received, the Representation Review is referred to the Local Government Commission (LGC) for a decision i.e. at this stage, it is out of Council’s hand and the LGC makes the final decision

10 April 2019

Decision on Representation Arrangements

LGC decision is announced