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over 2 years ago
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  • heatherfrugal over 2 years ago
    Hi, Now that Paengaroa is leaping ahead and people are realising it is a nice place to live, it would be great if the village had a sewerage scheme.Also the high cost of building consents is of concern, it makes any home improvements such as re-cladding the older homes or other improvements far too expensive.Recently we costed out adding a toilet and ensuite in an under utilised enclosed basement area of an older home...but becasue we wanted to add a sink, & tea-making facilities the up-grade was judged as creating a "minor dwelling" which attracts higher fees making the cost of the improvement un-affordable, The cost of the consent computed out at an additonal 65.5% on top of the cost of the improvement..in addition Council said we may have to upgrade the septic tank in order to add the 2nd toilet to the single bathroom dwelling....another huge cost......sadly we have had to shelve the idea because of the high fees. Cats: there seems to be a lot of stray un-neuterd cats prowling around the village, fighting at night, spraying property, entering any homes or vehicles where doors have been left open.....what can be done to solve the problem.....any ideas anyone??I think the Community Committee has made some very good suggestions, would like to endorse/2nd them.
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    • Cindy Hill-Rennie, Treasurer for PCAI. over 2 years ago
      Re: Building Permits and consents. I agree. They're too expensive. I do worry about the septic tank systems we have, and whether we're cause pollution to the earth. But this land is pumice land. That's why the heavy trucks shake our houses to bits when they speed fully laden down the road. As we don't get our water from here, it's Council water piped in from miles away, maybe all our waste is draining away deeper underground than in other parts of the country. So maybe for us in the Paengaroa area, we can safely have septic tank systems put in. Re: Cats. We have in the past had too many stray cats. I do know of a cat catching cage that has been used successfully in a city industrial area. Shall I inquire as to whether we could borrow it? I wonder if the Regional Council would help us as the cats are a pest. They deal with all pests and diseases.
  • Sue Matthews Chair - Paengaroa Community Association Inc over 2 years ago
    Paengaroa Community Association Submission to Western BOP District Council 10 Year District PlanFrom meeting heald by the Paengaroa Community Assocaition Committee on 8 June 2017 Community Development Plan The committee are keen to continue meeting the aspirations set out in the community Development plan Roading topics:  the speed on sunset drive. Plus logging, cattle and kiwifruit trucks accessing Old Coach Road for farming and kiwi fruit - close this and make it a colder sac Possible solution: Long term planning access Old Coach Road by building a new road opposite Partridge lane on SHH 33. There is a gully that goes through from SHH 33 and comes out opposite Sutton’s gateway. Our understanding is that this area is high frost and natural storm water flow and hence not ideal for kiwifruit production. This may also take away the congestion of trucks and buses trying to turn off SHH 33 in the middle of the village Investigate closing the present access to Paengaroa village. Access would be via McKenzie Road and at the above new road opposite Partridge lane. This could create a real village feel with safe parking for the cycleway. In the meantime please could the area beside the Wagon shelter - could this be tarsealed and paralleled parking markings be added to enable parking now that the buses have found alternative parking  A 40 Kph signage for the school is essential. Underpass under SH 33 to improve accessibility to the Paengaroa Domain. Some things that have changed since our initial meeting prior to you completing safety measures along SHH 33 are: - Existence of the Cycleway - an underpass would enable parking at the Domain, the use of the existing toilets - then via the underpass access the cycleway. This would provide a safer option than riding across SH33 to access the toilets. Some Community members are talking about the need for a toilet at the end of the cycleway - maybe putting the money into an underpass would be more appropriate than building another expensive toilet. - The Paengaroa School is having to look for alternatives for their cross country facility The Paengaroa Domain would likely be a viable option- Seasonal workers walk from their accommodation at the Koral (Maketu turnoff) along the cycleway to Paengaroa to get groceries and have expressed an interest in doing some sports activities in the domain. - We have a growing population with the new housing development now fully operational - this has bought younger families into our villageBus stopChange present bus stop to the other end of the present parking island where there is already a bus stop sign - although the bus stop has not been remarked on the actual roadParks & ReservesWe support the Maketu Reserves Management Plan community consultation 2018 on Paengaroa Parks and ReservesPaengaroa Domain to progress the plans developed in partnership with NZTA around moving the road fence further into the park and enabling angle parking along the road with enough back out room to safely renegotiate the SH 33 trafficThe Old Coach Road Reserve - development of this area to continue through careful planning The committee would support the development of a residential and respite care facility being built on the back corner of the Conway Reserve.Put in the 10 year plan an International Rugby Ground at the Paengaroa DomainBeautification Strategy and plan for the Paengaroa Village To give overall ambiance and to develop a theme around the Old coach road history, village and make it a destination for shopping, dining and cycling HousingCongratulations on the Rangiuru Business Park. The impact of this and the TEL and the predicted increase in the Kiwifruit industry means that planning to increase the residential landscape needs to happen NOW No development of residential properties on the Domain side of the Highway - all future development to be on the village side of the SH 33To investigate and zone for the next phase of residential development -1. The end of Hall road behind the Conway Domain2. Blacks Road from the present housing to the top of the hill 3. Down Old coach Road towards the reserveHousing to encourage developers to provide mixed size housing - some for single housing, 2 bedroom for retirees as well as for larger families - also mixed values - some affordable housing along with some more expensive We don’t want anymore cheap transported second hand housesInvestigate infrastructure - including water and waste waterTo investigate life style zones close to Paengaroa Paengaroa International AirportWe oppose an international airport at Paengaroa due to the threats of biosecurity to the Kiwifruit/Horticulture and Farming industries Eastern Cycleway Want an overarching plan that links between Te Puke, Maketu, Paengaroa and Pukehina Te Puke Recycling Centre - Increase the hours - increase in population it is time to review the hours for the centre
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    • Cindy Hill-Rennie, Treasurer for PCAI. over 2 years ago
      I was at the meeting, so yes I agree with this. I wish this was posted as separate topics, but I understand our chairman has simply pasted the summary of our meeting in one easy go. Regarding the parking in the village. I think the current parallel parking is not efficient, it takes up too much room. If the island opposite the shops was taken away, and angle parking put along the edge of the fence , it would provide much more parks. And then move the bus stop to the end by the cycle way entrance. At the moment that bus stop is stopping cars from parking outside the shops. Then make use of the whole area opposite the Bridal Shop for more car parking. Once again I think angle parking, or a good design by someone knowledgeable would allow easier and more parking for visitors and locals, and make our village look better.
  • Cindy Hill-Rennie, Treasurer for PCAI. over 2 years ago
    Hi All, I'm trialing how to use this site myself before helping others use it. Before you write your wonderful reply, you have to Register first, otherwise you'll lose everything you've written. I've just done that. You need to give your email and make up an easy password that you can use in the future when you make more comments. And it's the long one they require, Caps, sm letters, numbers etc. This is just so that if anyone misuses this great opportunity by putting in rude remarks or overusing it, they can be contacted by the WBOPDC. to refrain. So be aware the Council does read this. You also don't have to use your real name, you can make up a pseudonym, as is done sometimes when writing letters to "the Editor of a newspaper". I would now like to suggest that we make entries regarding only one topic at a time, so it gives easier replies of support or amendment. My topic is Bus Services for Paengaroa. I feel we're entitled to a proper bus service. It should be clearly marked on the road where the bus will stop, it should have a shelter from rain and sun and a seat to wait on, and a timetable posted inside the bus stop shelter explaining the routes. I think we should have a regular service to Maketu Beach, Te Puke, and Bayfair via the T.E.L. I think we should have a bus service for the AMP Show and Kaimoana Festival each year. Ferrying people from Paengaroa, Maketu and Te Puke to the Event. And any future events that we may hold.