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almost 3 years ago
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Here’s what some Oropi residents have commented to date:

  • Sealing of the road Upper Ohauiti Road to McPhail Road past Quarry. This used to be on the seal extension list but no longer appears. This road is used frequently by families driving children to Oropi School and isn't well maintained. Is there a plan to seal this part of the road?

  • Agree this piece of road (Upper Ohauiti Road to McPhail Road past Quarry) not being sealed seems out of place with the rest of the Tauranga region. It is frequently used piece of road by upper Oropi and Ohauiti residents and all upper Ohauiti residents are zoned for Oropi school. It seems ridiculous that to get to this school there is still a section of metal.

  • Reduce speed in the Oropi Village area to 40km, especially during School start and end times. Consider re-design of the road by the staff parking area opposite Gamman Mill Road. This is really dangerous for staff and visitors coming in and out of the car park, especially when traffic is coming around the corner as visibility is poor. Improve street parking in the School zone to reduce chaos especially at the end of the school day. Install crossing for families to cross the road outside the bus turning bay opposite School.

  • I saw a comment about removing the yellow 'no passing' line from outside Wood Road. I have seen many people passing along that straight before the yellow line was put there. Cars turning out of Wood Road to go down the hill were potentially at risk. If you haven't seen this happen, the yellow line may seem unnecessary.

  • Can't see what reducing speed limit to 80kmh would achieve. The road is not the issue, the users are. Reducing the speed to 80 will absolutely not make the road safer when you have school buses parking across intersections, people wandering down the road and cyclists riding 3 and 4 wide. Idiots parked in the middle of the road apparently lost or looking for a driveway is another classic... Most of the time you are travelling at 60 or less and it's still a lethal stretch of road.
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Consultation has concluded

  • Tracy almost 3 years ago
    The speed limit outside the school needs to be reduced to 40km using the flashing light signs at school start time and finish time. The parking outside the school needs improving for drop off and pick ups and there needs to be a crossing to enable the kids to cross safely to the parked cars across the road. Something needs to be done as the traffic is terrible and the trucks don't slow down as they speed around the corner outside the school while your trying to cross the road with your child.
  • Kj almost 3 years ago
    How about a crossing where parents and children can cross safely. It will teach the kids about Rd safety. The speed limit is always broken from the 50 sign. People are always speeding and only slowdown when it gets to the corner just before the school. Some don't even slow down! There is a kindy at the hall, I would hate to see a child run out and something happen. The parking is just crazy now at the school. It was OK a few yrs ago but now the school has nearly double in size and there isn't a safe place for parents to park and cross the Rd. Trucks are too fast and most are on their cell phones. Native tree vehicles always go too fast in the 50k area. Also other trade vans. Some flashing lights would help. Maybe a speed bump to slow them down on either side of the school.
  • ellespd almost 3 years ago
    Main issue is parking and crossing at the school, this needs to be improved so there is better visibility and space. A designated pedestrian crossing and reducing speed to 40 km/h at the start and end of the school day with flashing signs like at Pyes Pa. I don't agree with reducing the speed limit on Oropi Road, it already has reduced recommended speeds in the few corners, which makes it safe to drive.
  • BJD almost 3 years ago
    The parking at Oropi School needs to be improved, you just need to go up there at pick up and drop off times (and when there is a school event) and you will see how dangerous it is - the current minimal parking setup is just not working - there is great urgency for this, the school is growing and we need to keep our kids safe! The speed also needs to be reduced outside Oropi School even if its just during drop off and pick up time, its absolute chaos at these times, maybe a flashing sign like other schools have to remind people to reduce their speed.