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almost 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Thank you for contributing. Please let us know your comments or feedback on any Omokoroa topic, project and issue you want.  

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Consultation has concluded

  • Lia almost 3 years ago
    I have been wanting to share a collection of ideas for the various playgrounds for a while and haven't known how to share it with everyone, for feedback from the wider community on the ideas. So, looks like the best I can do until my tech skills develop further is a series of links if anyone is interested. There are 3 links: 1. Slide Show 2. Design Criteria Ideas (pdf) 3. Pinterest account with a variety of boards with visuals for the ideas outlined in each of the Design Criteria Starter Ideas. 1. Slide Show I put this together for one of the earlier playground meetings; it is made up of a collection of overall visuals showing a broad vision of what I would luv to see happen after many years of reflection together with many conversations with locals and observations around our lovely community: 2. Design Criteria Ideas 3. The next is a link to a pinterest page I set up to organise all the ideas that came through over the years. I haven't gone into every single link as often it was the visual that I wanted to remember, while other times the information contained in the link was also pertinent. Overall, it is simply a collection of boards for inspiration only, to be used as a starting point, some have more pins than others; this is because within some areas there are other subcategories. I would luv people's comments and feedback, I just haven't figured out how to make it easy to do this on the design ideas, but of course on Pinterest comments are possible. I know that apparently Google + has that facility to have ongoing discussions, but am still trying to figure it how to do that.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    Parking at The Esplanade – There seems to be a lot of parking issues around the boat club. Be great to see something done about this.
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    • Errie almost 3 years ago
      Some cars are parked there for many days or even weeks. Normal parking very difficult because of this.
  • J about 3 years ago
    Parking at the domain does need to be sorted. Cars parked for days at a time need to be removed. The Esplanade needs to remain as it is parking. 12000 people living in the village...the entrance to the highway needs to be sorted before that happens otherwise nobody will be able to leave the village! All of the fabulous ideas in the other comments on this much do you want to pay for your rates? All those things will cost a horrific amout of money and somebody has to pay! Paradise is certainly changing.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    Omokoroa entrance way – Would like to see a map of the peninsula showing roads/road names. And I would like this to be located by the gravel pit at the Omokoroa entrance way.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    The land next to Fresh Choice would be ideal for a community centre – dance, studio, art, drama, library, conference centre, theatre, meetings, education, etc.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    Omokoroa needs a high school – lots of families living here, makes no sense to go to Tauranga, just adding to the SH2 traffic congestion.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    We need bus services into Tauranga for young and old, catering for everyone. Be great to have services Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 5pm to 10pm.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    We have to keep the Park and Ride – there definitely needs to be parking available in that location or somewhere close to the highway. We need that service.
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    The worm composting is a great initiative. I'll definitely sign up to it!
  • Anonymous about 3 years ago
    We need dog poo bag dispensers and dog poo bins at the beginning and end of popular walkways.
  • Fran A about 3 years ago
    If Omokoroa was to get a transfer station it needs to be thoroughly investigated to make sure it’s well used and won’t be a wasted expense. I recycle most things and wouldn’t be in favour of a rates-funded waste collection model either – we already pay enough rates.
  • Fran A about 3 years ago
    We need extra parking by the Domain (at the back of shop and along side where playground is now).
  • Fran A about 3 years ago
    I would support a recycling and transfer station in Omokoroa – it would be good to have somewhere local to use. I also really support initiatives to help people recycle/compost – such as the worming workshops.
  • Admin Commented Communications about 3 years ago
    Reading through the events completed and planned; the skate park, a new children’s playground, a cycleway (I know a few older people will use that) but generally your whole emphasis appears to be to supply facilities for all the young families who will move in. Will fast broadband go through all of Omokoroa, or stop at the Settlers Hall? Where will you try for a cell phone tower this time? Have you visited the tennis courts during the week and ever seen anyone playing? We certainly never see them used on a Tuesday afternoon when we are at mah-jong? (And yet they are getting two more courts!) The new hall is essential for the public, and badly needs better toilet facilities! We are losing our rural life style and I fear will just become another crowded suburb! - Shirley, Omokoroa
  • woox4 about 3 years ago
    The areas I'd add to the Omokoroa community discussion for Council and the Community Board to consider with an eye on the future are: 1. Library; big enough to provide books for 12,000 residents. 2. Council service centre; either part of the library or not. 3. Community meeting rooms; for both Community Board and any group that needs one, able to accommodate at least 200 people seated. 4. Cell phone coverage; more important than ever with the pending demise of the land-lines. Existing coverage very poor for both voice and data. 5. Facilities for indoor sport; basketball, squash etc. 6. Community arts centre; for performing arts, could be part of point 5 if designed right. See Vicki Knell for the plans the school did a few years ago in consultation with WBOPDC. 7. Maintain and enhance the walkways, they are a key difference in Omokoroa and very important to the community. 8. Lobby for a cycle-way as part of the Northern Link. It will be a quicker commute than the one being built at present as it is circuitous. 9. Full waste transfer station; anything else will see dumping. 10. Community swimming pool, Olympic sized. 11. Urbanise Omokoroa Road, curbed, lit and sire-walks. 12. Sidewalk on the bridge over the rail bridge. 13. Pedestrian crossings need considering. Examples are next to skate park and hot pools/supermarket are risk areas at present. 14. Public transport. Include park and ride in strategic planning. Engage with BOPRC/NZTA for buses and rail. 15. Domain parking, enough said. 16. Boat ramps and parking at capacity, more are/will be needed.