give em a taste of kiwi

  • My family and I lived in Auckland in Brown's Bay. We would walk to the beach and I would dig for pippies and bring them home to boil and eat. My sisters and I would play in the rock pools when the tide was out. You never knew what you would find. 
  • My grandparents owned a kiwi orchard in Tauranga so we were always in the bay of plenty. On our road trips to "Nana's road" we would stop in Paeroa and play in the local park. I can still taste the naturally carbonated water that came from the tap in the park. Oh how I miss L&P!!!! For lunch we would stop at Georgie Pie in Rotarua. I would eat mince and cheese pies and I even miss the smell of that place. 
  • We climbed the mount (maunguanui) and I would often pick up the broken white shells that littered the path while the kingfishers flew overhead. My mum said the Maori would eat the shell fish and throw the empty shells down. I remember thinking I was holding the hand of the person who had eaten the resident of the shell I examined. I remember swimming in the hot pools and just feeling the wonder of the volcanic water channeled into the pools
  • While at grandad's we would catch the metallic blue lady birds and go to the neighbors to see Ollie the Eel that lived in her pond. 
  • We would walk the orchard and pick the fresh Fejoas, persimmons, and oranges. My favourite part of the orchard was climbing the groves of avocado trees that were so tall my grandad could no longer harvest them from the tree. I'd sit in the tallest branches reading the famous five by Enid Blighton. I was in the greatest story and it's one that has contributed to the man I am today. 
  • The dairy down our street on Phillips Drive where I would walk to Glamorgan Primary school. It's how I learned my right from left! 
  • Fish and chips in yesterday's post with battered sausage on a stick in tomato sauce. 
  • Hubbard's cereal or Wheatbix for breakfast   Vegemite or spaghetti and toast for lunch Jellytip and Hockey Pokey ice cream for dessert. 
  • I would eat them in a hurry so I could run to my mates and play with our Tamiya Cars
  • I moved to the US when I was 7 and I'm 31 now. I got a taste of kiwi but oh the flavour it was. 
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Young kid on the farm about 7 years ago
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