Let's Talk: Dealing with Dog Poo

about 4 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Is dog poo a problem in the Western Bay District? Should Council do more to help?

Options include but aren't limited to:

  • supplying bags at parks
  • providing more bins
  • providing owners with free bag holders

What do you think?

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Thanks for having your say! Consultation has now finished. We'll be in touch with an adopted plan in August.

  • cyclo over 4 years ago
    I suspect that most people who don't pick up their dogs' poo simply don't care or understand the problem, so I'm doubtful that any of these options would make much difference. I would suggest simply implementing a substantial fine. Since anybody could capture evidence using smartphones and social media, I think it would serve as a good deterrent, and could be used to supplement dog control funding.
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    • ruff123 over 4 years ago
      While I like the idea of capturing evidence, we could be putting good citizens in harms way. I've cop back chat and even abuse now and then when (politely) asking owners to pick up after their pooch.
  • ruff123 over 4 years ago
    Responsible dog owners carry poo bags at all times so it's about encouraging those who should be keeping a closer eye on their pooch, or those who simply don't care. As a large dog owner I'm a bit of a nark on this issue and get rather cross at the attitude of small dog owners who say "it's only little" - I've been known to hand them a poo bag, or even pick it up and hand it to them. Supplying bags at parks suggests a shift in responsibility, not to mention the challenges that come with this... will they be free? how often will they be replenished? If it's empty, then what? Also... what if the dog poos on the way to/from the park?I'm not sure if more bins would help... have sited unclaimed dog poo just meters from the bin on several occasions!Instead of threatening fines, how about threatening loss of park use if we don't comply?
  • conan89 over 4 years ago
    If you own a dog and it poos it is your responsibilty to collect and dispose it shouldnt be the council or the publics problem
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    • WBSue over 4 years ago
      I agree, absolutely! It should be part of the responsibility of dog ownership
  • alison over 4 years ago
    If there were dog dunnies about the place like north shore of auckland, people would be more willing to pick up after them than have to carry it for miles till they come across a rubish bin. We carry a bag holder attatched to our lead but providing free bag holders with registration or even beable tompurchse them from the council at a reduced rate.
  • RSS over 4 years ago
    Dog owners should be responsible for bringing their own poo bags unless it is specifically a dog park where it would make sense to provide some. There needs to be somewhere to discard it though, so bins are a must.
  • KLB over 4 years ago
    More bins and free poop bags available next to bins will mean people have no excuse not to pick up their dogs poo!!!
  • JM over 4 years ago
    If dogs were on a leash in all public areas there would be no dogs pooing without the owner knowing and therefore obliged to picking it up. It would be great to provide bins and bags in dog exercise areas.
  • jbatty over 4 years ago
    Members of the public should be able to report dog owners who don't deal with their dogs poo and there should be a fine attached to this. I see owners send their dogs off behind trees, in gardens or down by the water so their poo can not be seen, however it does not address the issue of kids and users in general of water ways, gardens etc then stepping in it! As a gardener with a small garden outside my fence I hate weeding it for the poo and I have to wear gloves cos every dog stops there to mark. Obviously I should get rid of the garden but that is such a sad way to deal with the problem.