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Speed limits

about 1 year ago

Are there any changes that you'd like to see on local roads (not state highways) in the Western Bay of Plenty District? Please be specific about where and what your suggested speed limit is.

Consultation has concluded

  • Tracey Donovan about 1 year ago
    Change the speed limit on Plummers Point road to 60km instead of 80km there have been a couple of deaths in the last few years and accidents resulting in injury - no footpaths and speeeding vehicles make it hard for kids on bikes or ppl who walk these roads - I’ve had a lot of close calls with ppl unable to take a corner and ending up on the wrong side of the road - also the speed limit on Emeny road passed the school needs to be reduced to 30km
  • Steph about 1 year ago
    In favour of reducing speed limit on Glue Pot Road to 80km there are too many houses people riding horses kids waiting for buses and too many corners for it to be 100km
  • TPFF about 1 year ago
    Please do not change Te Puke Highway. This is now a really good road and works well.
  • MaysieCat about 1 year ago
    I am in favour of an 80 kph speed restriction on all rural roads that are not designed and constructed to a standard for vehicles to do a 100 kph speed. Where there are signs displayed, i.e. horses, stock, children crossing etc, I would like to see the addition of a speed limit displayed. This is particularly necessary in areas such as Whakaramara, where urbanisation is increasing and drivers seem largely unaware that these signs require slowing of speed.
  • Bron Edwards about 1 year ago
    State Highway 29 - outside Kaimai SchoolThere are school warning signs but no reduction in speed.It is difficult to get in and out of the school safely with traffic travelling at 100km per hour (plus as double passing lane heading north to Tauranga sees cars speeding to overtake slower vehicles making judgement of distance tricky when turning right towards Tauranga) when leaving the school turning right to upper Kaimai there is a rise in the road so quick exit is required (floor it) to ensure nothing comes speeding over rise on top of you).I recommend lowering to 70-80kmph during school pick up and drop off at least
  • Cowboy about 1 year ago
    re Wright Road.If people knew how to drive properly 100kph would be fine as at some of the corners you couldnt do much more than 60 without running off the road.On some of the straight bits 100 is easyily attainable so no point in reducing the max speed.Drive to the conditions.Assume you will meet the milk tanker/trailer combo on the worst corners.Would be interesting to see if Fonterra have had any accidents involving their tankers over say past 5 years?Would be good if WBOP Council could do the roadside repairs and spray all the rock drains so we dont end up with a goat track every time it rains too.
  • Diane Newton about 1 year ago
    Yes definitely on rural side roads 80km maximum. Many are narrow winding with hidden drives. Some in poor repair.
  • Bruja about 1 year ago
    To save confusion, reduce costs and because our local population has MASSIVELY increased in MANY places, I believe that ALL local roads (not State Highways) need to have a maximum speed of 70km. There are MANY children, MANY domestic animals and livestock and MANY of the roads are narrow and windy with blind corners etc. Also, very many of the locally-driven vehicles are large 4-wd type vehicles which can cause horrendous damage to whatever they hit. Even 70 is too fast in certain places but at least it could be ALL are 70 unless they need to actually be lower than that.
  • Sarah2442 about 1 year ago
    Side roads need fixing and or speed reduced for example wright road 100kms and road is too narrow for people to safely pass! How ever.... the main roads are fine at 100 it's the idiots driving them or not as the case maybe that need taking off them!
  • Calisun about 1 year ago
    I would like to see the speed limit reduced on Wright Road, Katikati and surrounding roads to 70 Kph. These are rural roads; narrow in places, many blind corners with driveway access on a lot of them, stock get out, residents like to jog an cycle on the roads, people ride horses, trucks and other large vehicles frequently travel along these roads. 100 Kph is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Tortimony about 1 year ago
    Beach Road and Wills Road Katikati are both fairly long straight roads in residential areas with a 50 Kph limit immediately before the higher rural road speed limit. On both that speed limit is honoured more in the breach, even by the heavy vehicles that use them.I believe that a lower limit could reinforce the fact that these are residential areas but doubt that would materially improve the situation given current behaviours. A more practical solution would be to install speed bumps to encourage adherence to the current limits.
  • nigel rice about 1 year ago
    I would like to see the speed limit reduced on tepuna road from borell road to tangitu road , as its a blind hill, with narrow paths ,Also reduce the speed limit along lochhead road as its a very narrow road with no footpath. With the increased traffic to the cider factorie and the many driveways along this road it is very dangerous when cars come past at 80 +
  • Mel Jones about 1 year ago
    Speed limit in Waihi Beach Village Shops should be reduced from 50 kmph to 30kmph. The section of Wilson Rd between Snell Cres & Citrus Ave
  • JD about 1 year ago
    I'm generally against having a multitude of speed limits varying along a section of rural road with speed limits inconsistently set between different such roads. Town centres and schools would be the main exceptions. Otherwise, drive to the conditions and drive safely should be the rule. Let police catch and punish careless or dangerous drivers. I do not agree with a mosaic of different speed limits which do nothing but catch out otherwise sensible drivers and impose unnecessarily low limits too broadly.
  • anjelor about 1 year ago
    Speed limit on Seaforth Road from Albacore Ave through the Bowentown Domain Reserve to nearly the roundabout at Bowentown where it comes into a 50k limit, is currently set at 100k, this needs to be reduced to at least 70k. There is a considerable increase in traffic along that stretch of road through the reserve and people are doing in excess of 100kms , treating it like a race strip. People dont seem to slow down very much either when they come into Bowentown and go very fast through the roundabout, evan though its clearly signed 50km. I would like to see the speed limit changed from 100km to 70km through the Bowentown reserve area, as this piece of road with a 100km speed limit is only just over 2 kms in length.I would also like to see the pedestrian crossing reinstated where it was before at the Wilson Road shops , why was it taken away in the first place?, seems to be very shortsighted.
  • Tom Dick and Harry about 1 year ago
    Would Like to see the speed limit in the Waihi Beach Village set at 30 km A very busy area during summer and through the year with lots of cars coming into the main road from parking areas, and lots of pedestrians around.Would also like to see the speed Limit on Seaforth Road all the way to Albacore Ave stay the same at 50km. Again this is very busy road and there are too many people speeding down there going anything from 60 - 100km plus. ( All to save 1 minute in time - wow) There are heaps of kids, people on bikes and pedestrians all the time, and more so in the high of summer. There also needs to be a 50 km sign at the Island View end so they know what the limit is. There has already been some serious accidents involving speed along here and a couple of kids knocked over. Emerton Road to the Surf Shack, again lets keep at 50 km. Lots of people walking down to the Cafe, and also to use the cycle track.
  • Jajec about 1 year ago
    A digital speed sign of 40 past the Whakamarama Kindy and Primary school. To show 40 only in the appropriate before and after school times. Back to 60 at other times.
  • Greg Walker about 1 year ago
    I would like to see a reduction of the current 100k/hr on the Te Puke Highway, which is effective from the Welcome Bay Roundabout through to Collins Lane, where the limit now reduces to 70k/hr The limit should be reduced to 80k/hr, with such a heavy traffic load, with so many driveways coming on to the highway, safety should be given top priority, along with the deteriorating condition of the highway, due to the amount of traffic using this highway. This may encourage an increased use of the tolled expressway.
  • Lyn Govenlock about 1 year ago
    The bottom end of No1 Road Te Puke needs the 50km limit extended to 79 No 1 road so that it covers the "S" bend. Currently cars and trucks travelling down No1 Road at 80km are allowed to drive the "S" bend at 80 then 50km when they reach the built up area 50m away.The road surface has no traction and is like glass. There have been numerous vehicles "slide" out on this "S" bend.There are many pedestrians walking up the road on this bend and many cars meet trucks on this bend.It is very dangerous to navigate at 80km as has no wriggle room for error and a hazardous road surface. A sign saying "Slippery when wet " at both entrances to that bit of road is also needed until such time as the surface is corrected and the speed limit lowered.
  • Keith & Lyn Shaw about 1 year ago
    Roretana Dr, Athenree - reduce speed to 30k/hr and speed bumps, also need footpath completed, yellow "no parking" lines from Opposite Fire station to passed right hand bend.50k/hr should start on Athenree Rd, opposite #135 to allow vehicle to reduce speed before Koutunui Rd intersection.
  • maggiemae about 1 year ago
    Reduce 70kph speed limit in Little Waihi Road, Maketu to 50kph. This winding road has never been suitable to travel at 70kph, and excessive speed has resulted in a number of accidents. In addition, it is an urban area and has an increasing number of pedestrians.
  • Athenree Home Owner about 1 year ago
    I would like Athenree Rd from the intersection of Athenree and Steele Rd all the way into Athenree Village Reduced to 50km/h. Cars currently fly into Athenree Village past the current 50km/h sign at the bottom of a steep hill at generally 70km/h. There is a kids bus stop there, and turning traffic in all directions at the bottom of that hill. Cars also slide off of the road and crash from going too fast near the top of the hill due to an off camber bend that people go too fast around. And then there is the large pieces of bank that fall down every time there is very big rain events - cars hit them too as it can take days for the council to come and cone off the lane blockage, and all of that time its down to one lane at 80km/h. I have now even convinced myself that Athenree is a dangerous road to come and go from.
  • G about 1 year ago
    I would like to see Welcome Bay Road speed limit increased to 80km/h (Schedule 5, Plan Reference No. N). It used to be 100km/h which was fine. Then it was reduced to 80km/h and then reduced again to 60km/h which seems incredibly low for a road that is in the most part wide and straight. It has has recently been widened further and resurfaced around the corners and it seems ridiculous especially for the long, straight section passing Waitao Road to have a 60km/h limit.
  • Angie about 1 year ago
    Reduce speed limits where a road goes past a school to 20km/hr or 30km/hr extending to at least 100mts each side of the school.
  • Aaron Sutherland about 1 year ago
    The speed limit on the bottom of Number 2 Road in Te Puke needs to be lowered considering the number of people walking along there and then down Dudley Vercoe Drive. It really needs to be a footpath as well. It is dangerous.
  • Molly about 1 year ago
    Wilson Road Sth in Paengaroa needs to be reduced from 70km to 50km from McKenzie Road to Old Coach Road. Or alternatively install speed bumps at the 50km site as drivers speed through this section. Also the restrictions on heavy vehicles that use this road needs greater enforcement as a large number of trucks drive through to avoid the roundabout when travelling from SH2 to SH33.
  • poppie about 1 year ago
  • gee about 1 year ago
    All speed limits to stay the same at Bowentown and Waihi Beach.
  • sarah about 1 year ago
    I would like speed limits in Te Puna to be reduced along Snodgrass road, Borrell Road and Te Puna Station Road to 60 to slow traffic that currently uses these roads as a short cut to avoid the traffic jams on state highway 2. In recent months/years these local roads have been put under increased pressure at morning rush hour and I regularly see vehicles travelling at over 100kmh. They speed past children awaiting local school buses and dog walkers taking their pets for a morning walk. I think that slowing traffic on the sh2 short cut roads would dissuade commuters from using local roads. In addition I propose that the limit on Lochhead Road also be reduced in anticipation of it getting increased use from cyclists, walkers and horse riders once the new track from Lochhead to Teihana Road is opened. Lochhead Road is getting more visitors as a result of the cidery being open and while I welcome the extra usage, I think it would be sensible to slow the traffic. There are narrow parts to this road and no cycle lane, horse lane or pavement is planned so sharing this space will inevitably lead to a higher risk of accident.
  • Avenues Resident about 1 year ago
    All schools. Especially around tauranga Boys School, should have 20kph speed limit enforced by speed bumps. Everyone ignores the mandatory 20kph speed limit passing school buses
  • Colin Hewens about 1 year ago
    I am generally in favour of an 80 kph speed restriction on all rural roads that are not designed and constructed to a standard for vehicles to do a 100 kph speed, which I guess is most of them.
  • Waihitian about 1 year ago
    Waihi Beach Wilson road village. I would like to see the speed limit reduced to 30km/h through the village from Citrus Ave to Snell Crescent. The limit on Seaforth road from Glenn Isla place to Hanlen Ave could be 60km/h. The limit on Emerton Road from Hanlen Ave to the 100km/h change could be 70km/h.