Why are we doing this?

    The Wilson Park concept plan was last reviewed in 2006. We want to update it to ensure that the reserve and any future development there will meet the community’s needs.

    It’s been 15 years since the community last shared their ideas on this site, and so and we are keen to check-in with the community on how their aspirations for site and how things may have changed. It’s really important that park users get in touch and share their feedback, so our plans meet their needs.

    What is a draft concept plan?

    A draft concept plan is an overview for how a site could be developed, based on community feedback.

    A draft concept plan is only an indication of how the site could be developed. After it’s developed, and the community have given their feedback it still needs to be approved by Council, and funding needs to be sought for the work.

    Why should I provide feedback?

    Concept plans set out how the community would like a space to be managed and developed. By providing your feedback you’re getting involved in what you want to see happen at Wilson Park, and ensuring that the activities you use the Park for can be maintained and catered for.

    What you've told us so far:

    You’ve asked us to retain the open space. You only wanted to make a few changes so that the open green space is protected, and power infrastructure is in place for events, along with improvements to the public toilets.  This will help to support the activities that are currently undertaken on the park including events, recreation and family gatherings.

    What's the difference between pre-engagement and formal consultation?

    We have completed pre-engagement for this project which is an informal process to gather your initial thoughts and ideas. From the feedback received during this process we have developed the draft concept plan which forms the basis of our formal consultation period, now underway.

    Formal consultation is prescribed by legislation which determines how long we will consult with you and what is required as part of the consultation.

    What happens after I provide feedback?

    Councillors will consider all feedback received and make decisions on any changes that are needed to the plan, before adopting a final plan.

    How do I have my say?

    We need your feedback by 5pm Sunday 17 July 2022. You can provide feedback in a number of ways:

    • Take part online right here on haveyoursay.westernbay.govt.nz 
    • Share your feedback in person at our Have Your Say event, the Waihī Beach Community Centre on Saturday 2 July, from 10am-12pm.  
    • Post your thoughts to ‘Wilson Park, Waihi Beach, Draft Concept Plan Formal Consultation, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Private Bag 12803, Tauranga 3143’. 
    • Email haveyoursay@westernbay.govt.nz 
    • Filling out a feedback form at the Waihī Beach Library.