Omokoroa Sports Ground Update

over 5 years ago

Omokoroa Sports Ground Concept Plan

Thank you for the feedback you provided recently to the review of the Omokoroa sports ground concept plan.  The views of the Omokoroa community about what recreation facilities were needed for the future were diverse, but some clear themes emerged, especially from the conversations on the ‘Have your say’ website.  These conversations (together with other written feedback) have been really useful for Council in considering how to allocate funding over the next year (2014/15) to kick-start the development of the Omokoroa sports ground and to balance the needs of the community.

The decisions that have been made by Council are outlined below:

1. THAT the funding of $185,000 included within the budget for 2014/15 to progress development of the Omokoroa Sports Ground shall be allocated (in part) as follows:

  • $115,000 towards the construction in 2014/15 of two tennis courts provided that provision shall be made for the construction of a further two courts at some time in the future, funding for which shall be determined through the 2015-25 Long Term Plan.
  • $50,000 as a contribution toward a skate park / skate path provided that the balance of the total cost of any such facility must first be raised by the Omokoroa community.

2. THAT funding of $20,000 from the Facilities in the Community Fund shall be provided to the Omokoroa Point School as a contribution toward the remediation and re-surfacing of the existing two hard courts on the understanding that upon completion these courts shall become a multi-purpose facility for the school and wider community.  The balance of any funds required to complete this project shall be met by the Omokoroa Point School.

3. THAT development of the remainder of the Omokoroa Sports Ground concept plan (namely; new toilets as part of a new clubhouse / pavilion, a new playground and associated car parking) shall be referred to the 2015-25 Long Term Plan for funding consideration.

These decisions enable Council to proceed with preparing the design work for the two new hard courts immediately east of the existing clubhouse.

To assist with the project Council would like to establish a project team made up of staff and representatives from the Omokoroa Sports and Recreation Society, Omokoroa Community Tennis Club and the Omokoroa Community Board

Council staff will also need to work with representatives of the Omokoroa Point School to carry out the proposed upgrade/replacement of the hard court surface.

The Council is also willing to work closely with representatives from the Omokoroa community interested in progressing the development of a skate park / skate path, and invite contact to be made with the Reserves and Facilities Manager.

Leading up to the 2015/2025 Long Term Plan staff will continue to work with the community to develop the remainder of the Omokoroa Sports Ground draft concept plan. Those wishing to be involved will need to finalise the siting of the proposed:

-  additional tennis courts (east or west of the proposed new courts);

-  new playground (near the clubrooms or near Omokoroa Road); and

-  provision for future car parking.

The allocation of the $105,000 already identified in the 2015/16 year will have to be finalised as will establishing any short fall to carry out proposed works to feed into the 2015/25 Long Term Plan.

Consultation has concluded