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If you think a skatepark and new playground is needed, is the Omokoroa Sports Ground the best place?

almost 6 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Pad almost 6 years ago
    First things first. Having a skatepark does not equal the children who reside here in Omokoroa are not going to cause trouble. Don't believe me then go up to Omokoroa Point School, try and find grafitti, children making a nuisance of themselves etc etc and you will come away disappointed [if that is your preconceived mindset].Thats because this village has great young citizens, kids that respect their environs, who relish the outdoors [go have a look at Sea Scouts, Boat Club sailing programme, Rippa Rugby], healthy pursuits undertaken by healthy minds.These children will cherish and look after a facility such as a skatepark, as will their parents, for years to come.So come on, Build It and they will come!Peter Presland.
  • Ella Roach almost 6 years ago
    I think Omokoroa sports ground is the perfect place to put a skate path/playground and the kids of Omokoroa would use it because:A) there is heaps of space to put a decent skate path/playground and still leave room for other sports days (Athletics, ripper rugby, soccer etc).B) it gives children the opportunity to get outside and practice there biking, scootering and skate boarding.C) it gives younger children a chance to learn the rules to keep safe when riding.D) having a new playground and skate path would attract more people to use it.the children of Omokoroa would like it if you would agree to do this for us.Yours Faithfully Ella Roach
  • dtdavid almost 6 years ago
    I am writing to you because our community needs a skate path. We do not need tennis courts because we let tennis players use our school courts. They are always welcome to. Older children need something enjoyable to do in Omokoroa. With a skate path less things will be destroyed for example everybody uses the schools benches to skate on. It ruins them. It chips the paint and the paint shards hurt when you sit on them. If we get a skate path this will not happen. If Omokoroa gets a skate path it will be used well because we are sensible. I know I will go to the skate path a lot because I do sometimes get bored and want to ride my scooter.We have discussed where it should be and the either Domain or Western Ave would be perfect. At Western Ave we can use the hills to go down. Our class even have some designs for Western Ave or the Domain. I hope you have read my letter carefully. Please choose to have a skate path in Omokoroa for the children now and for the children in the future.Yours Faithfully David Topp
  • Tamera almost 6 years ago
    To whom this may concern,I think that the kids of Omokoroa do need a skate park/playground but basing it at Western Ave isn't such a good idea. A skate park/playground is an amazing idea to get the kids involved but I believe that if it is in Western Ave that older kids will distract younger kids while they are playing sports. (rugby, soccer, cricket, athletics e.c.t) The domain is getting boring even though it is a popular tourist attraction, maybe if we base skate park/ playground there then it would get more use.The kids now want something more exciting, new and innovative and if we get a skate park/playground the children of Omokoroa and out of Omokoroa will be very pleased with your decision. Thank you for giving up your time to read this comment, I'm sure you will make the right decision for our community.Yours faithfully,Tamera Baker
  • Rumah almost 6 years ago
    I think we should have a new playground and skate path at western avenue because teenagers have no places to hang out and if they like to skate boarding they might skate in the wrong place they will get in trouble.We should have a skate path because some people have to drive to town just to go to the skate park.Also if the elders get a tennis court we should get a skate path and there is already two tennis courts in Omokoroa.Making a skate path will attract more people and it will make our community grow.Rumah Harvey.
  • jordan2605 almost 6 years ago
    When I say Skate Park what comes to my mind?Vandalism? Drugs? Gangsters? Loud music? Accidents?Well don’t you see? Our society is changing for the worse! Some people might skate on PRIVATE propertyBecause they don’t have a nice place to skate (a skate park).
  • Enigma almost 6 years ago
    I live near to the proposed skatepark site (in Western Ave which I believe is too close for comfort), and as such I am against its installation at either location. I am concern that this will result in increased noise levels during the evening, unsupervised adolescence and the potential for other associated antisocial behaviour, including graffiti on the wooden fences and stone walls to the Lynley Park subdivision. My 12 year old child enjoys skateboarding, however I would still prefer to continue taking her to 16th Ave which is a non-residential area. Additionally during the recent council meeting the issue of the water table at the Domain was mentioned that negated the possibility of a skatepark at that location. I'm assuming this was accurate, if so the Domain would not be an option anyway.
  • theflyinkiwi almost 6 years ago
    I think that in terms of location the sports ground would be the best location as it provides those who live at that 'end' of Omokoroa a play facility that is closer than the playground down at the domain. With Lynley park's population developing all the time it gives the children and young people from the nearby homes a play option that, when old enough, they can get to by themselves. I think that installation here will also develop the sports grounds into a more multifunctional area and if it is put in the area up by Omokoroa Road it will not interfere with any of the other fields and facilities. The Domain already has a great playground, big fields and the beach which in my view is facilities enough. In terms of anti-social behaviour and noise I believe that as a community we need to embrace our children and young people and provide them with a range of activities and opportunities to keep them active and healthy. A skatepark is an awesome way to do this. In Omokoroa we are lucky enough to have a Community Patrol and therefore I am sure that they will be able to monitor and deal with any after hours activity there. Another reason I think the Sports ground is a good place is that the houses on the opposite side of Omokoroa have a clear view of the park and I think that this in part will deter any anti-social behaviour as it is very visible - day and night. I think that that the comments of Omokoroa Point School below are very important as they suggest that by and large the children, young people and families in Omokoroa are well behaved and well meaning. Most of the children and families know each other and this will add a level of monitoring through peer pressure itself. Perhaps the young people, and some adults, who are lobbying for the skatepark could form a committee to help monitor use, behaviour and to deal with any issues raised within the community?
  • omokoroapointschool almost 6 years ago
    The suggestion of a skate path rather than a park would help with the issues some local residents may have as a path with a variety of rails, jumps or other challenges along it does not lend itself to the congragation of 'unsupervised adolescence and other antisocial behaviour.' Currently children in Omokoroa come up to the school grounds to try to find suitable areas to scoot and skate and we welcome this activity as it's great to see our school grounds used in a positive manner, however using the car park and tennis courts can at times be unsafe and don't provide the cool challenges that a designed area could. The unsupervised adolescence we have spending time on our grounds are usually shooting hoops, having water fights, playing football or playing spotlight - having taught most of them we can vouch for the fact that on the whole these young people are a delight to have around and we love to see them doing something positive and active. We believe an area specifically designed for our children to cycle, scoot and skate on - an area that provides challenges and yes a place to meet up and enjoy each others company is desperately needed. Western Ave Grounds are suitable as they are visible and therefore safe. We are also sure that through careful planning, design and consultation a pathway could be designed where neighbours of the grounds would not be affected by noise or other adverse effects.
  • erinandste almost 6 years ago
    It would be great to be at the Domain! why not build a skate challenge play ground with scooter tracts around the park and concrete slab with a few challenge boxes. Not sure what the residents would think, probably a little to close for comfort. So yes Western bay sports ground is a better place. It is open and safe to unruly behaviour with the park being on the road verge, the public toilet facility is close - the natural ground dips shield the concrete skate park from being to intrusive. we could even plant more trees to add to the beauty.