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Do the young people of Omokoroa need a skatepark and new playground, or do they need something else?

almost 6 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Enigma almost 6 years ago
    I don't know if there is any available suitable council land available, but I think a mountain bike track and/or BMX track might be fun for older kids. Maybe a location near the end of Omokoroa Rd? Just a thought.
  • Nzmillers almost 6 years ago
    I live in Omokoroa and have three children or 10 and under. All have scooters and we have travelled to several skate parks for them to practise their skills during weekends and holidays. We have enjoyed sitting watching older children demonstrate their abilities and often those children have given mine tips on positioning. I love that they are challenging themselves physically and extending themselves socially. The best skate parks are accessible to all, are visible, have seating which allows people to meet and to watch and have other activities going on around, so that they are not isolated. We have had a graffiti problem in Omokoroa in the past year, but if vandals are going to paint graffiti, they are as likely to do it on a tennis court fence, an electricity box or on a clubhouse, as they are to paint on a skate park. It is not the skaters who will create the graffiti. My kids and husband also play tennis, but they do that regularly at OPS school and it seems crazy that ratepayers funds are being handed over to duplicate facilities rather than extend the range of leisure options available within Omokoroa. I also support the suggestion of creating a multi-purpose court - perhaps the courts at OPS could be upgraded in this way and continue to be freely accessible to all.
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -Although this seems a good idea for the older children/teens to have more local outdoor activities, it is causing come concern to many residents who fear the noise and possible 'teen highjinks' may disturb the peaceful Omokoroa we know and love. Initially, on the survey sent around, I indicated that it could be good near the Beach Store, (where there are plenty of people around to monitor behaviour), but unless local residents are in agreement, I believe this would be a cause of reasonable discontent. I agree I wouldn't want it down the other end of the reserve (near the Sea scouts hall) as the noise would travel up the road to our neighbourhood. The best place would probably be the Western Avenue Sports Ground. However, it would need to be away from nearby residences, but with plenty of lighting and preferably supervision.
  • The Centre almost 6 years ago
    Last year The Omokoroa Centre Trust – The Centre, Omokoroa voted to give the Tennis Club some money towards the proposed new tennis courts. We assumed that they were to be of benefit to the whole community. We have recently heard, however, that they are to be for Tennis Club members only. We hear that they will be locked and therefore not accessible to the general community and casual users.If this is true, we will have to withdraw our grant, as our criteria states that not for profit community projects that we donate towards must be available for the general community.We believe that as the courts will be paid for by the ratepayer then the ratepayer should be able to use them when they wish. We do not believe that they should be available just a small proportion of the community.
    • Lyn Goodyer almost 6 years ago
      A steering committee was launched in June of last year consisting of nine members with a community project for tennis courts for the use of all age groups for the entire community of Omokoroa. Much research and discussion has occurred since then with a formal process of registering an Omokoroa Community Tennis Club Incorporated. Submissions to the council have been addressed and have their clear support. I need to reinforce to the readers and wider part of the Community this project is designed for all age groups for the whole of the Omokoroa Community. Your donation is definitely for a community project and greatly appreciated.
      • Disappointed Mum almost 6 years ago
        Hi Lyn. It is great to get clarification that the tennis courts will be available for public use. Clearly they would have to be given that this is our ratepayer money. I dont think that the issue is that tennis courts are going in, but more that these four courts could be MULTI USE courts to make them available to a wider group in the community. All this would entail is extra lines on the courts and rollaway hoops and nets. THere is no reason why we can't have a tennis tournament using all four courts one day and a netball tournament using the same four the next day. Currently, there are young families who are driving all around the Bay for the children to participate in sporting events which could be on our doorstep. I would be interested Lyn to hear why the tennis club is adverse to the idea of Multi Purpose courts. Clearly this benefits everyone.Please remember that it is hard for young families to attend all these "steering meetings" as we are busy with young children and their school and after school activities. It is not always possible to come out in the evenings.
        • tenniscourts almost 6 years ago
          Quite simply, the Council only provide base asphalt courts. To upgrade these to all weather surfaces is a very expensive exercise, one that is not the Councils responsibility. To upgrade these, someone has to take the responsibility, and also to accept responsibility for ongoing maintenance and replacement. The Tennis Group are committed to doing this. Should any other group get together and make this substantial commitment then I am sure the council would look favourably at providing additional facilities. Incidentally having had six children of my own I am very sympathetic to the demands placed on parents. I am happy to recommend to the Omokoroa Sports and Recreation Society that installation of Multipurpose Courts should be recommended to Council. Perhaps you and any friends would put in a submission to Council online?
    • Oliver Annan almost 6 years ago
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -15 April 2014We submit that as ratepayers with young children the council should give further consideration to the allocation of funds for community facilities that will cater for the younger people in the Omokoroa area. While not wanting to preclude the development of community tennis courts, this should not come at the expense of not having a skate park (or another facility) that might better cater for the ever growing number of families and younger people in Omokoroa.There may be a perception that a skate park will promote an undesirable element, but we do not accept that a perception-based view should count against appropriate consideration for a skate park development. It is our view that provision of a focal point for younger people in our community is a good thing. Teenagers are not people to be feared based on a perception of anti-social attitudes.The decision to build tennis courts indubitably affords a wonderful benefit to the tennis-playing members of our community. However we wonder if council has given due consideration to a facility that may cater for other members of the community who perhaps are less able to be independent consequent on income and transport constraints.We understand that a skate park development has been mooted now for a number of years, but to no avail. The fact that such a development has been pondered over the years suggests a need to make provision for younger people in Omokoroa. We would support the development of a skate park in Omokoroa as a positive step for the broader community.
  • lucy almost 6 years ago
    I am writing this comment to you because room 8 think that Omokoroa should get a skate path at western avenue. The kids in Omokoroa are very board hanging out at the beach and at the library. We want somewhere more exiting and active to hang out at. Omokoroa already have tennis courts.And even if we are getting new tennis courts the kids didn't choose them the adults did. So i think the kids should should get to choose something that we like. please think about this very carefully,yours faithfully,Lucy turner Omokoroa point school
  • Concerned Mum almost 6 years ago
    From Council's website I see there is $307,000 worth of funding provided in the Long Term Plan for the Omokoroa Sports Ground in 2015. This amount is split among work programmes including a carpark, hardcourts/toilet and capital development.Trawling through Council's website further, I also see on the latest Omokoroa Community Board agenda that the Omokoroa Community Board has $165,000 of uncommitted funds in its reserve.That's a total of $472,000 available to fund facilities at the Western Ave Sports Ground. Even if Council hold back $72,000 for a 'rainy day' or to carry out other work, the community would still have $400,000 to spend on facilities at Western Ave.Reading all the comments posted on this page it appears there are four main groups of interest, namely: tennis courts, a multi-purpose court, a skate park/path and a playground. All promoting the benefits of these facilities at Western Ave.I would like to suggest Council split the $400,000 evenly among the four main facilities and have one of each built at the Sports Ground. I don't disagree some of the community may want tennis courts at Western Ave, but do we really need four tennis courts right now? Would it not pay for Council to set the footprint for four tennis courts on the plans, but only build one for now?If indeed the tennis court is used extensively, the community could then approach Council with a request to build another tennis court. Then further down the track if there is a need for a third tennis court, the community requests another court etc.
  • Gaping almost 6 years ago
    Nothing smacks more of nepotism than hearing the comments of a Councilor, who is also a "keen" Tennis Club Member, enthusing about tennis hard courts which will benefit such a small % of the community to the detriment of all other currently funded projects that will now be deferred.It is total lunacy to spend so much money on this project if it is not an all purpose facility to benefit the wider audience of the local community as mentioned in previous comments. How such a niche facility can be given priority status and seen as wise use of funding for Omokoroa is a farce, for the decade and the millennium we live in.Omokoroa has the opportunity to shine if the powers that be take a long hard look in the mirror and wake up to the fact that this project, as it currently stands, is a waste of money! Also if they actually bothered to spend the money on projects which benefit and enhance the development of the peninsular rather than wasting the money of rate payers in the community who will never benefit from this facility just so approximately 20 people can endulge themselves in what will be a long term white elephant.I urge the Western Bay of Plenty Council to stop this proposal/project/reallocation of funds NOW before ruining Omokoroa for it's residents for the next 10 years. Open your eyes and your ears and actually consider spending this large amount of money on projects that will have longevity, enhance and benefit the whole community.
    • tenniscourts almost 6 years ago
      Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation in the community regarding the use of the tennis courts to be built at Western Park. The Tennis courts will be available to the whole community, both members and casual players. Yes there will be a fee, as they will be expensive to maintain and replace. It is hoped however that this fee will be kept to a minimum. The problem the council faces is that everyone thinks the ratepaters money should be spent on something else, however to date, the council has not been given any constructive guidance or support targeted at specific community projects apart from tennis. For this reason, had the courts not been approved for Omokoroa, the funds may well have been allocated to Te Puke, Waihi or other areas within the Western Bay..
    • Oliver Annan almost 6 years ago
  • shahil almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern.I am writing this letter to you because in the future we may not have a suitable play area for teenagers. I mean all we have is a playground and a fields.How about a skate path room eight and nine are making designing skate paths and skate parks. So could you make omokoroa the best town in the whole world and please get us a skate path or skate park. p.s. as we get older there is no fun in omokoroa.
  • Levon almost 6 years ago
    To whom this may concern,I am writing this letter because many people in Omokoroa would like a skate path.Omokoroa has two tennis courts at Omokoroa Point school but no skate path. The children have spare time and they could skate on the wrong thing and get in trouble with community patrol or police. We need a section to be safe to skate and scooter on.I hope you take this into great consideration for the Omokoroa community.yours faithfullyLevon Barton
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -I would like to recommend that a disc golf course be considered as part of the development of the Omokoroa Sports Grounds.Disc golf is a wonderful community sport as it can be played by all age groups. It is very cheap to play as participants only need at least one disc (commonly known as a frisbee). We have been playing for 25 years up at the Crapp Reserve but this is not ideal as we don't have regulation targets but just use natural occuring objects such as fence posts. We also have to be careful to spot ahead so we don't hit anyone as it is a very well used reserve. I would like to propose that a 9 hole course be installed. This would entail the placing of 9 metal disc-catching baskets and the marking of 18 tees so we could have an 18 hole course. The baskets would be permantly fixed in the ground around the perimeter of the park and would not encroach on any other sports activities that take place there. Disc golf is a very popular game in America, Europe and Japan and is rapidly growing at present in New Zealand. Please refer to for a full description of the game. You will also notice how many new courses are being installed around the country. We have members of the disc golf fraternity who can help with course design and can supply the baskets and the discs.
    • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
      THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -I have been attending meetings re the development of the Sports Ground and have proposed that Disc Golf be included in the planning. Almost all towns and cities in New Zealand now have courses supporting this rapidly rising sport for all ages and I and others would like Tauranga to have an opportunity to have our own course. We have the support of the Rec Society for a course as it would not inhibit any of the other sports planning on using the fields. We also support the Rec Society in its role with respect to developing the facilities and consideration to the local residents.What is Disc Golf? Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee. The sport was formalized in the 1970's, and shares with "ball golf" the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest throws). A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target which is the "hole". The hole can be one of a number of disc golf targets; the most common is called a Pole Hole an elevated metal basket. As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive throw from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the "putt" lands in the basket and the hole is completed." It is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, male and female, regardless of economic status.Who Plays Disc Golf? Disc golf can be played from school age to old age, making it one of the greatest lifetime fitness sports available. Specially-abled and disabled participate, giving them the opportunity to take part in a mainstream activity. Because disc golf is so easy to learn, no one is excluded. Players merely match their pace to their capabilities, and proceed from there. The Professional Disc Golf Association, with a member base of 50,000+, is the governing body for the sport and sanctions competitive events for men and women of every skill level from novice to professional. Permanent disc golf courses are found in countries worldwide.Where do I play? Many city parks have golf courses already set up. Most are free to play as often as you like. Disc golfers who do not have the benefit of a permanent disc golf facility in their area often "make up" courses in nearby parks and green spaces. One of the great features disc golf shares with traditional golf is that they are both played in beautiful settings. Disc golf courses can coexist with existing park facilities and activity areas. The ideal location combines wooded and open terrains, and a variety of topographical change. The need for more courses is constant, as the sport continues to grow in popularity. The PDGA has created resources for the design and installation of new golf courses, to ensure their success in the community. The PDGA also publishes and sells an annual course directory, and manages and maintains a free online directory of disc golf courses at Why should I play? The ongoing fitness boom finds more and more people taking up recreational activities in an effort to improve health and quality of life. Disc golf provides upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and promotes a combination of physical and mental abilities that allow very little risk of physical injury. Concentration skills increase by mastering shots and negotiating obstacles. Players of limited fitness levels can start slowly and gradually increase their level of play as fitness improves. Scheduling is also flexible; a round takes one to two hours, and may be played alone, eliminating the difficulty of scheduling tee times. And as in traditional golf, disc golfers find themselves "hooked;" increasing the likelihood of frequent participation. Disc golf offers year-round fitness, even in rain or snow. Perhaps the greatest attribute of the sport is the expense - or rather, the lack of it. A professional quality disc costs less than $15, and it only takes one for basic play.And, of course, there's the sheer fun of the game - no matter what your age or skill level!
    • Mario almost 6 years ago
    • Mario almost 6 years ago
    • BC almost 6 years ago
      I think disc golf is a great idea. I have watched a tournament & it looks like a really fun game. There were people of all ages playing throughout the day. It is my impression that the game can be played with minimal disruption to any other park users. I have since heard that there are many courses being developed by councils around the country eg; Nelson, Christchurch, Wanaka, Wellington (x2), Gisborne, Rotorua and Auckland (x2). I think it would be a great asset to have a venue at Western Avenue for this sport.
    • Hamza. almost 6 years ago
      I can't see (10-16) year olds playing disc golf. I also think this wont be Attraction such as the Skate path. What more let children have there say.
  • Get it right almost 6 years ago
    This is our big chance to get it right. We have not had any significant money spent in Omokoroa on our youth and families despite paying Auckland rates. I travel the country and feel we are being let down by our lack of facilities. Omokoroa is a stunningly beautiful place and it seems a shame and waste to be driving away from it every weekend to seek out concrete for our children to scooter and skate on or to drive our children to sports practice when we have this opportunity to SHARE with the tennis club and have multi purpose courts. I am at a loss as to why the tennis club would want tennis only courts when for a little extra money we could accomdate many more sports groups. Can the people who are going to make the final decision please hear the voice of the community and take this opportunity to do something right!
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -SUBMISSION SUMMARY OF: THE OMOKOROA DISTRICT SPORTS AND RECREATION SOCIETY INCORPORATED (commonly known as the ‘Rec Society’)In 2010, the then rec society have recorded that the order of priority was:Phase 1 site excavations for new building and its relocationPhase 2 Tennis/Hockey and netball courtsPhase 3 PlaygroundTherefore the concept plan 07042014 is consistent with the goals of the rec society and based on both the historical plans and the current membership majority preference the rec society advances concept plan 07042014 to council and requests further direct dialogue between the community board and officers of the rec society to enable satisfaction of object 2.1.a and therefore object 2.1.c of the societyThe rec society recognises that hard courts are required for sports beyond the need for tennis and Western Avenue reserve is the preferred site and supports their development within the suggested concept plan 07042014The rec society proposes that the sequencing be as 2010 based on the opinion of the overwhelming majority rec society committee opinion.The rec society agrees with community board that a playground on the Western Avenue reserve away from the Omokoroa Rd is desirable and safest and suggest that best synergies exist by having it in proximity to both the clubhouse and the parking area as per concept plan 07042014 We recognise that the skateboard park requires further discussion and the rec society has an obligation (as per object 2.1.a. of the society) to work with the community board to satisfy that requirement (with consideration of co-location other similar sporting activities of that category) both in terms of finding a location and its development and funding.NB for reference from the Rec Society constitution:The objects of the society:2.1.a: to establish, maintain and conduct a society for the promotion and encouragement of sport, recreation and social activity in the district of Omokoroa in New Zealand2.1.b: to enter into contracts or agreements for the use and occupation of equipment, land and premises and to hire staff for the management of the society.2.1.c: to assist the western bay of plenty district council with the development, use and management of the recreation reserve in Western Avenue, Omokoroa2.2 In furthering the objects at any time the society may: a) prefer one object over another orb) undertake a range of activities that only partially satisfy one or more of the objects.9c: to solicit donations, gifts and bequests to the society for the promotion of the objects of the society.
  • john almost 6 years ago
    The question asked was "Do the young people of Omokoroa need a skate park etc". What has followed is largely negative comments regarding the proposal for tennis courts in the area. As i understand it, there is a group of tennis players, who for many years played their tennis on the school courts.Of course a shared facility is not ideal and the players began proceedings for the construction of stand alone tennis courts.Much hard work has gone into this and the response from council is positive.It seems now that with the possibility of success with this endeavor that others have decided to get involved.I suggest that any other sporting facilities for the area should be applied for as a separate entity and not to the detriment of tennis.I have no intention of writing negative comments regarding any other sport .I believe that sport in general is good, especially for our children. I believe that the young generation is the first in history that are not expected to have a longer life than their parents. Could this be because of more sedentary pursuits than in the past.I read in the comments below that the tennis courts would be for a relatively small percentage of the population,The figures from "spark", state that over 400,000 New Zealanders play tennis .Perhaps the the numbers enjoying any sport are relatively low, but what is important is that we all do somethingI will now talk solely about tennis.I have played tennis for a long time and have belonged to three clubs and played tennis at all WBOP clubs etc.I have been on committees , been a junior convener, president, and selector .The proposal for the omokoroa courts is for the Council to provide the asphalt base and outer netting. By far the best court surface will be artificial grass. It is kinder on the body and is far more practical than any other surface. It can for example be played on in damp conditions.The cost of putting this surface down will be at least $90,000. The council will not be paying for this. This funding will be found by the hard work of the tennis group.I have much experience of shared tennis facilities and trust me, they never work. Multiple lines are a definite no go.They might be suitable for a quick hit of tennis, but not for a tennis club.I have seen in the past that other clubs would refuse to play inter club at such a facility.Tennis clubs run to a schedule in the main, perhaps seniors on a Monday morning, mid week ladies on a Wednesday morning Business house on a Thursday night, the main club day on Saturday Afternoon, Juniors Saturday morning and Friday night etc etc. In addition to this will be senior, midweek and junior inter-club and casual games.The idea that nets could be put up and down for different sports is just never going to happen.Unlike a sports hall in town there will be no paid staff and we now live (unfortunately) in a world where the number of volunteers are few and far between.I am not directly involved with the propose Omokoroa tennis club, but i understand that the club will cater for all ages and abilities of players with a strong emphasis on juniors.Because the club will be funding the court surface and maintaining the nets etc, there will obviously need to be a subscription to join and a small fee for casual play. (as per every tennis club). The courts will; be available to the entire community.I feel sure that All will be made very welcome. I imagine that the club will set up procedures for all to pay their share (as all clubs do), otherwise no one would pay and all clubs would fold.I wish the Omokoroa tennis club all the very best.I also wish other groups well with their push for sports facilities, but suggest that they pursue this on their own Merritt and not at the expense of tennis.
  • tenniscourts almost 6 years ago
    The following is worth noting: Only 41 people have commented in this section. Only 14 of whom have been negative regarding Tennis Courts for Omokoroa. However in their Submission to Council over 200 members of the Community signed a petition supporting Tennis Courts. Not a small minority.
  • Hamza. almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concernI am writing this post because i would like to have a skate path in Omokoroa. I am hoping to persuade you why we should have a skate park. First of all, children with nothing to do get bored and this can lead to trouble. For instance skating in unsuitable places like car parks. I have evidence this has already happened in the school and other car parks around Omokoroa. This will eventually lead to an accident causing death or serious injury. And you know you will not stop children wanting to scooter & skate but surely we need somewhere safe to do it. Another reason is there are NO skate paths or skate parks in Omokoroa. All we have is two playgrounds for younger children. This is very unfair when there are 2 tennis courts in Omokoroa and people are pleading for two more ( how greedy ). One other reason is skaters and scooters have their RIGHTS. There is NO difference between tennis players and skaters(because both groups want to have fun and be active). So why when it comes to tennis courts and skate paths. This very unacceptable what you are doing ( spending money on 4 tennis courts & nothing on an skate path or skatepark ) and your attitude MUST change. Please take every thing on board readers and WBOP council and reply me or take some action to the skate path problemYours faithfully Hamza Al-Shamma
  • Rebeca De Vreede almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern,I am writing this letter because I want a skate path in Omokoroa.These are my reasons why:it could improve children's fitness and then they will enjoy going outside more.The only close skating place is in town and people like skating.Our community needs a skate path and it will probably encourage more people to make the right choices.I heard that people want a tennis court but we already have two,we don't have a skate path.I get bored just sitting on the couch watching tv,and l get into trouble if I start moaning.Anyway we have a right to resources that interest us, not just our elders,and I think we should have a fun place to go to when were bored. And its not fair for teenagers because the younger children have playgrounds and what do the teenages have? yours faithfullyRebeca Devrede.
  • BC almost 6 years ago
    I think disc golf is a great idea. I have watched a tournament & it looks like a really fun game. There were people of all ages playing throughout the day. It is my impression that the game can be played with minimal disruption to any other park users. I have since heard that there are many courses being developed by councils around the country eg; Nelson, Christchurch, Wanaka, Wellington (x2), Gisborne, Rotorua and Auckland (x2). I think it would be a great asset to have a venue at Western Avenue for this sport.
  • Alex almost 6 years ago
    I am writing this letter because our community needs a skate path, but if we don't then teenagers, children and possibly adults also will have to go into town.What is stopping us from getting a skate path Money? Oldies? Nothing is stopping us from getting a skate path except for the oldies getting a tennis court.The elders of Omokoroa want a tennis court. They don't need another tennis court the one at school is perfectly fine. If we don't get one, then people will keep trying to do dangerous stunts on dangerous items.I hope you get my point of why we need a skate path.Yours faithfully Alexander Annan
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED - There is no proposed 100 metre athletics track, most sports field allow a 100 metre straight for sprint or hurdles. If this is an athletic area then it should be a requirement. You can’t do 100 metre straight on a 300 metre track.Secondly - where will the sports equipment be stored – is it going to be in the new pavilion – if so it is a long way for volunteers and children to carry equipment out onto the field/track. The long walkway from the pavilion to the field is also hidden by trees and the children would be obscured from view whilst adults who are supposed to be supervising them are getting the equipment.A suggestion is to turn the tennis courts around 90 degrees and move the pavilion into the space this would leave.Also why did the Council not make a children’s play ground a condition of the Lynley Park development – it would be a good idea to make the developers put aside an area within the subdivisions for the children to play so they did not need to cross a busy road.
  • Georgia almost 6 years ago
    To Whom It May ConcernI am writing this comment because I would like a a skate path in Omokoroa. My reasons why I would like a skate path are: Us older kids have no place to go and hang out with each other. We only have the school and occasionally the wharf.Also, when we get into our teenage years we might end up skating on things we are not supposed to. This would minimize the risk.Next it will attract more people to the community which will give us a boost in population I guess.We already have tennis courts in Omokoroa but we don't have a skate path in Omokoroa.Some of the community are getting bored with the playground at the domain because its really the most exciting place to go right now in Omokoroa. It is also better for younger kids.The teenagers in Omokoroa will get into trouble when they start skating in places they are not supposed to. And that will give Omokoroa a bad reputation.It gives us a safe place to go so we are not skating on the roads.It also gives us a place to go to enjoy our interests and do what we like to do.And last but not least, we have a right! The older people have asked for tennis courts and they are getting them! So why can't we get a skate path when we ask?So I hope you see my point in getting a skate path and I hope you consider my reasons in getting a skate path in Omokoroa.Yours FaithfullyGeorgia Dresner
  • jotleen almost 6 years ago
    I do not think Omokoroa needs a skate park/skate path. A new playground may be good though. There are two playgrounds in Omokoroa. They are at Omokoroa point school and the domain. A new playground at western ave will be good for the community.As for the skate path, lots of kids and teenagers are saying that having a skate path/skate park in Omokoroa is a good idea, it is raising concern with some residents of the community. These residents fear that noise and gang members that would ruin the peace in this community. It could also introduce drugs and drinking. Children are taught that drinking, smoking etc is bad for your health. But when they see teens using drugs and drinking they will start to think that it is ok to use drugs etc and even worse they may start using them.
  • mystic meg almost 6 years ago
    I find it very sad that one group can dictate to a whole community for their own needs and exclude others. This is a form of bullying. By placing tennis courts on Western Avenue that are not multipurpose and allowing the whole community to utilse is elitist. The grounds are well utilised for all sporting events and could be greater enhanced by a strong mutlipurpose concept plan. Who has given a small group of people who apparently have plenty of time on their hands the ability and right to exclude the whole of Omokoroa for their own needs?MY suggestion is build a multi purpose facilty that everyone can use. Keeping children in sports, keeps them out of the courts and by that I mean law courts not tennis courts!
  • kayden almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern I am writing this comment because heaps of children have skate boards and Bmx bikes, scooters in omokoroa.I have always wanted a skate path and our class has had lots of work to plan for one.a skate path would keep us out of trouble, safe and we would love it. families could teach each other to skate. Iwould love to teach my brother. please could we have a skate path in omokoroayours faithfully kayden bateman
  • dtdavid almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern,We need a skatepark.Yours faithfully David
  • Paul057 almost 6 years ago
    I was surprised and disappointed when I heard that priority had been given to the building of tennis courts over a skate park. As mentioned in previous comments there are already tennis courts here; do we really need any more? I think that the building of a skate park is a great idea and would provide much needed entertainment for the young people here. That in-between age - too old for the domain playground and too young to drive to town - are badly in need of a focus for their energy. I believe a skate park and playground will enhance our wonderful village. Rate payers money is being used to fund this venture and it should be used to provide accessible facilities to be enjoyed by a large proportion of the community. In my opinion the tennis court proposal is a publicly funded facility exclusively for the use of a minority and does represent the wishes of the majority of people in this community.
  • Mario almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern, Iam writing to you today because i would like a skate path built around western ave park in Omokoroa.The reason i think this is because people- especially young people- love to skate. It improves fitness and a skate path will attract lots of people to Omokoroa. If you don't build it, it will be unfair because we have the same rights as our elders and they've also requested a new tennis court even though they've already got one. Older children don't have anywhere else to hang out and they'll get bored and that'll lead to graffiti and who knows what else. they'll end up skating on the wrong things and you'll end up with dealing with broken limbs. so basically no skate path=hospital fees.
  • Oliver Annan almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern, I am writing this coment because I would like a skate path in Omokoroa. It would be better to get some freash air outside. It would also be better if there was a skate path because then kids and teens won't skate on other stuff. Lots of the kids and teens like skating, scooting and rollerblading and they are good at it too. People around here by expensive things to ride on, but can't use them anywhere because there is no skate areas around here. We already have two tennis courts at our elderly residence to play tennis. They do not need more funding used on more tennis courts. These are my reasons why I'd like a skate path in Omokoroa. Yours faithfully, Oliver Annan
  • Rumah almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter because Omokoroa point school want a skate path, in a Omokoroa because we do not have one. the older children love to skate at the moment we are skating on the foot path and road, is not safe place for us.We all get bored in the weekends and just stay inside playing on electronics devices and annoying our parents. the skate path won't get us into any trouble but give our parents a brake. people will have great fun on our skate path we are going to make.People will be safe on our skate path. It is for big and little kids you will get exercise.All of Omokoroa point School want a skate path. PLEASE. You're faithfully Lisa Elliston.
  • luca almost 6 years ago
    To whom it may concern,I am writing this comment because our community needs a skate path.I think we should do this because older children (teens) would have somewhere to hangout. They would not vandalise also there are so many people in omokoroa who ride scooters, skateboards and bikes but where to ride them? there is only one solution skate path. It gives us a safe place to hang out and ride. Otherwise people are going to get into trouble and omokoroa won't look as good as it used to. Its very unfair if elders get a tennis court and kids don't get anything.Thank youyours faithfully Luca Dillon-Nelson
  • Alice Tamai almost 6 years ago
    To Whom It may Concern, I am writing this letter because I think the Omokoroa residents, students, teenagers and parents should enjoy having a skate path in their community. We should have the same opportunities as the elderly to enjoy resources, and they already have a tennis court anyway. Another reason why we should have a path , is that it will give us a safe place to go and we can also enjoy our interests.Mostly all of the kid, parents and teenagers from Omokoroa Point School would like a skate path. It will bring families together more and little kids learn to ride their bikes safely with their big bothers and sisters.Your Faithfully Alice Tamai.
  • Jedd almost 6 years ago
    To Whom It May Concern,I am writing this letter because many people in Omokoroa Point School want a skate path.Look how many people ride skateboards,scooters and bikes home from school. Not having anywhere to skate safely is not fair. A skatepath or park will be great and it will attract more people as our community would take care of teenagers.Without somewhere to skate we could get bored and get into trouble for skating on the wrong things.Yours FaithfullyJedd Gardner
  • lucy almost 6 years ago
    This is Jade from Omokoroa Point School - To whom this may concern.I believe that having a skate park in Omokoroa is a great idea it will bring lots of people into Omokoroa. It will be a good chance for the kids as well. I'm sure our community would like to have this privilege of having a skate park in Omokoroa.
  • niamh almost 6 years ago
    TO Whom it may concern'I am writing this letter because i would like a skate path because i do BMX racing.TO have something to practice on would be so good as well it can still be safe.everyone has a chance to have fun in the weekends and in the holidays.If i had a chance to practice i would.i think it would be great to have a skate path would be so good for kids to do a lot of tricks instead of them just to sitting at home watching Tv .and do you really want kids just to sit and play on there i pod or i pad or just even just watching Tv.
  • blair2001 almost 6 years ago
    If western ave has a skate path it will take more space than a skate park. A skate park is made for scooters,bikes and skate boards but a skate path is mainly for skate boards. An idea could be that a skate path starts at one of the park and ends at the start of the skate park. Then you have both things in one and that would mean no arguments over what you (council) should build. In my opinion I would like a skate park but I know other people might like a skate path so I suggest we combine both of them together.
  • Layton almost 6 years ago
    A skate park is exactly what Omokoroa needs it will attract more kids just like me to get out of the house and do something fun and enjoyable. More people will visit and love omokoroa then they already do. I love to skate and im sure a lot more people in Omokoroa do to there is absolutely no were to skate in omokoroa except for the foot paths and the roads witch arnt very safe to skate on. the skate path may or may not encourage graffiti artists that would definitely be a down side. If the skate park\path gets built it would be an attraction for everyone.Layton
  • theflyinkiwi almost 6 years ago
    I think a Skatepark in Omokoroa is a great idea as it would provide young people somewhere to ride their bikes, scooters and skate boards in a safe environment - we all know that children and young people who are occupied are much healthier and happier to themselves, their families and their community. As the mother of two small boys (3 and 5) who already like visiting skate parks, and love riding their scooters and bikes, the thought of having a local facility that we will be able to enjoy for years to come is really attractive. If a small playground was also incorporated into the plan then this would be great for those families who have children not intertested/or too young in skating. As Omokoroa already has a great playground down at the Esplanade one with the skatepark would only need to be a basic one ie, swings, slide, monkey bars etc. I think the plan that was displayed at the Soccer Club looked great and would be a real asset to Omokoroa as there is a huge population of young families here who would appreciate and use it. I accept that there might also be interest in tennis courts but I suggest that they have managed to rally themselves well to petition the council whereas the skatepark 'lobby' has not had the same resources to draw upon to express their views. I know that one of the key organisers moved overseas and that this has perhaps hampered their ability to put their views forward as succinctly as a tennis club - already formed and made up of adult members. If the Council has to choose only one option then I am not sure how is the most fair way to do this, other than to say that Omokoroa Point School already does have 2 tennis courts available for public use. All recreational facilities will increase Omokoroa's attractiveness to those already living here and those considering a move - maybe the council needs to consider which section of the population they are prioritising in their population growth plans? ie, young families or a more mature population. If the Council goes with a tennis court then perhaps it can prioritise a skate park in its next lot of funding/planning so that long term the plan meets eveybody's needs.
  • Lia almost 6 years ago
    I firstly must apologise for coming into this discussion late, it was not intentional, I have only just figured out how. I see now that I wished I'd participated earlier and am not even sure whether any ideas can even be considered or if it is down to ONLY either tennis courts or scate park or if it is too late for further suggestions. I wondered if anyone has asked the kids what they want or think they would like to see in Omokoroa. I did so over the weekend with only a small number and based on feedback from kids it would great if we had a Swimming Pool complex (Kati kati has Dave Hume Pools) and or a mini golf. Both of which are family acitivites as well as purely sports facilities. I realise that the school has a pool which is used, but also that a new pool for the school is a huge expense, a swimming complex would provide space for a wider range of ages, activities, as well as sports events. A mini golf green possibly with extra features such as a play ground which would make it a multi play area would provide another family activity for families as a whole and mean that they would be more within the community and less travelling for family outings. Another idea I personally had was an adapatble modular type play ground for kids of all ages. Something that the kids could create and recreate as part of the play and so are part of the setting up stage. This could part of a mini golf set up. In fact the mini golf could be designed to be adaptable aswell and possibly themed around something that Omokoroa would like to be known for. I also agree that the tennis courts need to be multi use. The above suggestions are trying to include a variety of options to suit a wider range of children's interest and abilities in physical activities. If it is not too late for further suggestions I would be happy to organise something to get the kids feedback on this topic and to be start dooing some research for an approach that encompasses more options.
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -I am writing on behalf of the Omokoroa Men’s Social Soccer Group in response to council plans for the future of western avenue reserve and its facilities. Recently, we have become aware of plans and funding put aside by council in this respect.Our Group has been regularly playing soccer at Western Avenue reserve on Wednesday evenings. We play non-competitive soccer rather informally on these evenings with players aged 14 to 60 we do so as for exercise, enjoyment and social interaction and have done so for 15 years. It provides an opportunity for encouraging younger players to continue into senior football. Many of us play competitive football for other sides in the district and would have formed a senior club based at omokoroa affiliated to the junior side many years ago but for the lack of facilities (showers, changing rooms and storage space). We have a long standing relationship also with the Omokoroa Sports and Recreation Society (rec society). We feel that our need for an improved clubhouse with toilets, showers changing rooms and storage may have been overlooked as we were ignorant of WBOPDC’s interest in developing the reserve facilities.The rec society had proposed many years ago that there was need for an upgraded facility for all users. We understood that they were going to achieve this with funding from council and locally raised funds. Our understanding now is that because tennis has made the most noise they are getting the lion’s share of council funds. Whilst we have no objection to tennis court development and support the notion, we feel that council should make the clubhouse relocation and development the priority and that the tennis courts construction occur concurrent with or follow the clubhouse redevelopment / relocation.Additionally we suggest that the ‘tennis courts’ be multipurpose, preferably all weather. We support also the siting of a children’s playground near the clubhouse and parking area which allows for safety, supervision and ease of access to families either attending for sporting activities or for the sole purpose of using the playground. We support the rec society in its role with respect to developing the facilities and its philosophy of inclusiveness and respectful consideration to the local residents.We eagerly await the long overdue improved facilities and hope council will consider seriously our views.
  • omokoroapointschool almost 6 years ago
    We are excited at the possibility of having tennis courts, multi-sport courts, somewhere to skate and scooter and a playground right here at Western Ave Grounds. Many of our students are involved weekly in sports that are currently organised at Western Ave. What has been confusing for us is the mis- information that has been circulated within our small community. The tennis courts, fields, swimming pool and basketball court at our school are used during and after school hours but there is not really any suitable or challenging areas for scooting and skating on the school grounds. A playground with a range of challenges would we believe be very well used should it be available at Western Ave. We welcome community use of our grounds and have enjoyed for the most part a positive relationship with various tennis groups in the past who have used the school courts for years. However it has been disappointing to read the tennis club submission to the council dated 2013 and some of the negative comments made regarding the use of the school courts. We agree with John below that there is nothing to be gained as a community by pursuing one sporting endeavour at the expense of others and this is why we wrote a letter of support for the tennis club to support any applications they make to funding bodies for grants to resurface the courts and nets etc...However we also ask that the council are sure they are making decisions that are equitable and based on fact.
  • mary.nick almost 6 years ago
    I agree that the need for more tennis courts is overstated given the number of courts already available within the immediate area. Facilities that introduce variety and choice of recreational pursuit, for as wide an age group as possible would seem to be the best way to engage all in local community. To that end I think a skate park would be an asset to the Omokoroa community as it has been in Katikati. Also for VERY little cost a permanent Disc Golf course around the margins of the Western Ave park would be an outstanding asset to the community. Many councils have already acknowledged the growth and popularity of this sport and set up permanent courses in parks around the country. It would be great to see WBOP and Omokoroa embrace a growing and popular sport as well as encourage all within our community into a more active lifestyle.
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED -I think a skatepark is a good idea because in the previous City I came from it is well attended by the young people.
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED - Perhaps CYPTED would be advised that the people living close to the proposed Western Ave site would not be keen to respond to help skaters they do not want it there. Traffic speeds up through the round about when people are late for the ferry.The people living close to the Domain sites also do not want it there, however there are a lot more walkers and people close by than at Western Ave.I also think that if a skate park is required then those interested should pay at least half the cost.
  • imabeliever almost 6 years ago
    there is no justification whatsoever to spend all the available money on tennis courts to please a small but vociferous group who have been able to 'recruit' a councillor who shares their interest in tennis. it is disgraceful that public money is being used to provide facilities (despite the fact that these same facilities already exist) for a private club that the very people paying for it, will have to pay again to use it. and the more the mayor bleats about 'a fair process', the less convincing he becomes.
  • Ian B almost 6 years ago
    There are many facilities sought after by residents of Omokoroa, both young and old. It shouldn't be a case of whoever shouts loudest gets what they want. It should be a case of what works best for the community and how can we get the biggest bang-for-our-buck.I am not going to comment on the skatepark or the new playground, but I do oppose the plan for new tennis courts at Western Avenue. We currently have tennis courts at Omokoroa Point School, Omokoroa No. 1 School and a tennis club down the road in Te Puna. Do we really need more at this moment in time?As I understand it, Council is proposing to spend over $100,000 of which 25% is rate funded to provide new tennis courts at Western Avenue. Even if there are 20 regular users geared up to use these tennis courts, that equates to $5,000 per user to build the tennis court facility.Would it not make more sense to build a multi-purpose, all-weather facility that can cater for multi user groups, all year round for both day and evening use? A much greater bang-for-your-buck.I have seen multi-purpose courts and they attract many users. The courts have fencing around at either shoulder height or fully enclosed, which makes for a low maintenance, vandal-proof enclosure. It helps to retain balls and equipment in the court and keep undesirables e.g. cats and dogs out (meaning little litter). Within the enclosure are colour-coded floor markings for many activities including tennis, netball, basketball, football etc. At either end of the court are provisions for hoops and goals, with further provisions for tennis nets halfway along.With the addition of lighting, the facility could be used day and evening all year round. I have seen similar style courts being used by many user groups at the same time, simply by sharing the space. Kids shooting hoops at one end, teenagers playing football at the other end etc. In terms of appearance the structure could be painted green to blend in with the surrounding open space, or brightly painted to showcase what Omokoroa has to offer.
    • Rossco almost 6 years ago
      I applaud council for moving forward with their plans to assit in the construction of tennis courts at Omokoroa. This is fine example of the Council supporting their own mantra of "Live,Work,Play". The growing number of younger families arriving to enjoy our Peninsula lifestyle - as evidenced by school rolls - as well as our older active "lifestylers" are argument enough to justify the investment in this facility. Suggestions that multi-use complexes or relying on "outside' facilities such as Te Puna indicate a lack of understanding as to the standards that developing communities need and deserve.. You only need to look at the bigger picture of Bay Park and the inevitable problems that have arisen where individual sport codes endeavour to share facilities. Well done tennis supporters for reaching this position.
      • Disappointed Mum almost 6 years ago
        Rossco - you couldn't be more accurate with the comment about the increase in the school rolls, however I am struggling to understand how using the council funding to construct tennis courts ONLY will benefit these younger families? Also, have I heard correct information that these "community" tennis courts are going to be fenced and under lock and key?
      • Omokorizzle almost 6 years ago
        I applaud the idea of WBDC working with the community to help make decisions on how our rates are being spent; forums like this go a long way towards helping this, but are only effective if concerns raised by residents are listened to.It is obvious from reading other comments submitted that the funding of Tennis Courts for the local club is not a decision that most find agreeable. I’m not sure how WBDC has justified using our ratepayer’s money to fund a development that most of us will have limited, if any access to. I hope that feedback relating to this is heard by the council and the decision is revisited – but as the council has already assigned the funds to the Tennis Courts, I suspect it is too late. A multi-sport facility would be a WAY better option than a dedicated tennis resource to be used by a few. Sharing a facility such as this should not be an issue; the community is already sharing the Western Ave Clubhouse, Omokoroa Point School Tennis Courts, and the Western Ave fields without any major issues.
      • Omokorizzle almost 6 years ago
        Also, the point "You only need to look at the bigger picture of Bay Park and the inevitable problems that have arisen where individual sport codes endeavour to share facilities." I think the point is - we should endevour to share council funded facilities because, well, WE ARE ALL FUNDING IT!
  • Omokorizzle almost 6 years ago
    As a skateboarder, and a home-owner who uses Western Ave, I can appreciate peoples concerns regarding graffiti and other anti-social behavior that is attached to skate parks, but believe if the park is planned well, such issues can be avoided.I have little doubt that some sort of facility is required at Western Ave; and should a playground be part of the plan, the addition of an area for skating and scootering could be a huge positive for the community. Coupling a playground with a skate area would make the facility attractive for children of all ages.In saying this though, traditional skate parks are designed solely with the skateboarder in mind. Little, if any, regard is given to the aesthetic impact of the neighbouring properties or community as a whole. However, recent redevelopment of parks in New Zealand such as Waitangi Park in Wellington, and Victoria Park in Auckland have seen designers shift from the traditional paradigm of the ‘skate park’, and instead, redevelopment of these areas has been done with a mindset that the new facility should be a ‘park to skate in’ rather than a 'skate park'. In our community, such a space could provide an area where children and youth can skate and challenge themselves while parents and grand-parents can also enjoy the park while watching them. Where a park is designed to be used by all members of the community, often the social ‘baggage’ carried by stand-alone skate parks is reduced. Our community would hold a vested interest in the parks upkeep, and its frequency of patronage would reduce the likelihood of misuse of the area, and contribute to the vibrancy of Omokoroa.
  • ronandrick almost 6 years ago
    It would be such a bonus to see a skate and scooter park facility available to Omokoroa. On looking at the plans it seems disappointing that the space is not bigger. I have experienced skate parks which are situated by children's playground right in the heart of Brighton in the UK (The Level August 2013) and they are a buzzing, busy and very vibrant spaces. Not only was the skate park well utilised there we many spectators enjoying themselves. It really was a space for ALL the community, all family generations get involved. It is impressive to see older ones encouraging younger ones. Skateboarding, scooting, rollerblading, bmxing are all great for people who are not always the best at team sports - it gives them a way to express themselves and stop staring at screens. Its great for giving people confidence and at helping with focus. If you have ever witnessed the tenacity of someone learning a new trick you would be impressed. Please consider making this really happen, if designed well, it will truly make a difference to enhancing Omokoroa. For some thoughtful insight see this page on developing skateparks from a gentleman I have followed for the last 25 years - Veronica
    • Enigma almost 6 years ago
      I have checked out images of the Brighton skatepark, it is impressive. However it is also covered in graffiti (in the images I saw), some obviously more artfully rendered than others. I don't believe that a skatepark should reside by a residential area where it would become a eyesore and bother residents.
  • erinandste almost 6 years ago
    We have a beautiful natural environment and now with the influx of families young and older children, we need a healthy outlet to challenge them and focus their energy in a healthy lifestyle. Omokoroa Skatepark and challenge playground is exactly what the area is missing. Western bay sports area is the only place for this facility unless you consider the Domain water front or Cooneys Reserve better options. Families from Pahoia, Whakamarama, Te Puna and surrounding areas all use Omokoroa as a social, sports, entertainment, and relaxing environment to spend their leisure time. I think a skatepark and playground would be a minimum facility for our growing youth in the area. Tennis is great for the few, and we use the Omokoroa Point School facilities regularly. So disappointed that the children of Omokoroa are taking a back seat again, don't we want to encourage positive social and healthy interactions for our youth? A multi court (Netball, Basket Ball, Tennis) public facility would be a better idea than a private members tennis court because the sports ground belongs to all residents. At present we can all use the facility. A Skatepark playground does not need to take up much room but will support a positive lifestyle for our youth and future of Omokoroa.
    • Enigma almost 6 years ago
      I agree with everything except the skatepark. These cost approximately $3,000 - $5,000 to maintain a year for repairs and remove the graffiti, that's assuming it is designed correctly in the first place. This is without mentioning the antisocial behaviour and noise issues that are often linked with them. However I think a challenging park and multi court are fantastic ideas.
  • Enigma almost 6 years ago
    I am a parent of a pre-teen child and I live in Lynley Park. I have no objections to a playground suitable for older children, although I personally would prefer to see the Domain park upgraded to suit both age groups for the follow reasons. Families often have multiple children spanning a range of ages, therefore a park which accommodates all would be beneficial. I prefer to take my child to the Domain so that we can all enjoy the beach and social atmosphere. There is also the added benefit of the shop, and boat club as the evening progresses. a BBQ is a great idea, I don't recall seeing one.
  • Disappointed Mum almost 6 years ago
    One of the great things about living in Omokoroa is that different generations live alongside with mutual respect for each other. It seems really sad that our ratepayers money is being used for the SOLE purpose of tennis courts for a "club". We have a growing community of younger families, yet we are not catering for these families. There are no facilities for children aged 8+ at all. Our cute playground down at the domain really only services younger children. In so many other areas, there are great playgrounds providing for a variety of ages.As I understand, the original proposal for this area was for 2 tennis courts and then an area for children's facilites such as skatepark, playground, climbing frames, netball hoops - this provides facilities FOR ALL and makes sense. Why has this changed? There has also been mention that the tennis courts will be under lock and key, therefore not a community facility at all. Surely this cannot be true?
    • Disappointed Mum almost 6 years ago
      I have now heard that original plan was for 4 tennis courts and the kids playground/ facilities. A suggestion was made to the council about only having 2 tennis courts so can afford the playground area as well. I am sure that NO MEMBER of the tennis club can justify 4 courts over having 2 courts (with the potential to extend it in the 2015-2025 planning period) and a childrens' playground area.
  • emmab almost 6 years ago
    I enjoy a game of tennis every other week and am happy to use the school facilities ( 3 schools close by ) or the open courts at Te Puna. These facilities are open to the public and free. As much as im all for encouraging outdoor play across all age groups, why replicate whats already available ( and lock them so they're not useable by all ) when there are other much needed outdoor provisions. If the original proposal was for 2 tennis courts a skate park and a playground then why not just stick with that as it covers everyone? If not I would like to see the skate park down at the domain as I regularly take my kids down there for a swim, game of cricket, ice cream play in the playground and they scooter up and down the foot path which is actually a danger to pedestrians. Its a fantastic area and could be an even better asset to the community with BBQ's and a skate park. Either way im all for the play ground and skate park either the domain or the western av area as we already have tennis courts and that could be re addressed later when facilities have been provided that don't already exist. ThanksPS: just to throw it out there a floating pontoon ( anchored of corse ) would be great down at the domain to so the kids that currently swim and jump off the wharf can move away from fisherman and boats coming in and out.. just a thought :)
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED - I have just heard that the proposed council built tennis courts are NOT for the community. They are for the tennis club only. Why is the council using rate payers money to build courts for a select small group and not for the benefit of the whole community. This make me very cross. Yet more money on our rates and for why?I am sure I am not the only one to complain about this, therefore I am sure you have a very good explanation. I would like to hear it.Thanks.
  • erinandste almost 6 years ago
    Omokoroa is completely lacking in facilities for its young past the age of 5 or 6. The playground at the domain is out of date and most are not interested in a toddlers climbing frame, an old tractor and a few swings. A skate park is a great idea. At the moment skaters and scooter riders are riding in the shop carpark and the school. The idea of public money and public land being used for a members only facility is offensive. Tennis is a minority sport, support the local kids !!! Steve Cartwright.
  • Cailtin almost 6 years ago
    Hi my name is Caitlin Maurice and i am 11 years old. I go to Omokoroa Point School I am a year 7. I think that you need to spend some money on the kids of Omokoroa. More people are going to use a playground or a skate park more than tennis courts, differently if you are going to be fencing around the tennis courts so the children cant get in and have to buy keys that costs money and not everybody has money to spend on tennis court membership. You at least need to put in a skate park or a playground for the children. Then you could put in a couple of tennis courts i think two tennis courts will be enough for the amount of interest you have.
  • MadMamma almost 6 years ago
    I absolutely agree with comments about upgrading the school facilities. A challenging playground at Western Ave would both cater to those families living at Lynley Park and to those families using the other parts of the sports ground. I'd love something to keep my younger kids busy while the older ones do athletics/rippa rugby/soccer. It might increase attendance at the Lions market too. That much money for such a small part of the community seems unwise.
  • OmokoroaFamily almost 6 years ago
    We are disappointed to hear that the Tennis courts for Western Ave have been given priority. Why are the council spending so much money on something that a minority group of the community are wanting? We already have tennis courts at Omokoroa Point School, it would only take a small portion of the money you have allocated to upgrade these courts to a facility that a wide portion of the community could use (ie could include netball courts, basketball courts, volleyball etc). You have given council approval for a large subdivision to be built, that is designed to bring families into the community but provides no provision for a playground for children? Yes the young people of our area need something for them, be it a skatepark or playground. We have a playground at the domain that is great for young children but it is dated and children above the age of 9 or 10 have no facilities for them. A modern playground that includes climbing frames and a skatepark is needed. We have recently recieved a rates notice - why could you not have included some form of survey to get the views of the entire community as to what is a priority for all of us, young and old.