When will the electronic 40km/h speed signs operate?

    The electronic signs would operate 35 minutes before the start of school and 20 minutes at the end of school – and display a 40km/h speed limit.

    The school is also able to manually operate the sign for a 10 minute period for occasions where children are near the road outside the programmed times.

    Is there any other work happening in Waitangi?

    Yes, there is a range of safety-focused work being completed in Waitiangi as part of the wider Te Puke Highway upgrade project.

    Works include restoring and resealing the road; new footpaths at the marae and from the school to the urupa; improved road markings and new signage.

    If approved, when would the changes be made?

    If supported the changes to speed limits are expected to be in effect at the end of April.