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Planning for population changes

almost 6 years ago

Our population is growing quickly, with more and more people in the over 65 age group.  We need to think about how this will shape what we need to provide the community in years to come.  For example, we might need to look at making sure public buildings are accessible for older people, or how the larger population might impact on our environment.

  • Do you agree that this is important for Council to focus on? 

  • What else do you think Council will need to think about when our district has more people?

  • What should we consider when planning for an ageing population? 

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Consultation has concluded

  • Tanners Point Ratepayers over 5 years ago
    Tanners Point Residents and Ratepayers AssociationAs we have more than the ratio of 2 in 3 of senior citizens and the focus is to keep moving the residents would like council to continue with the walkway around the point and to create circuits with several access points from the esplanade to Tanners Point road for healthy exercise. A safe level walkway along the roadside would be well used by residents also. The residents would like the existing amenities to be maintained ie the jetty and wharf,pontoon and HEALTH AND SAFETY issues addressed such as the open drain around the pentanque court.S Knowlson Secretary TPRRA
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