November Update

over 5 years ago

Te Puna Hall - Rebuild or Relocate?

What the community have said so far….
Feedback from the community so far has been mixed with many wanting to keep the hall and relocate it and others preferring a new facility.

What’s new?
NZTA have progressed the roundabout to a final design stage.
We now know that…
• There is very little difference in the costs between relocating the existing hall or building a ‘like-forlike’ facility at today’s standards; any relocation will have to include bringing the relocated building up to all current Building Code requirements.
• At this stage the timing and funding is uncertain as it is subject to NZTA approving the final design, approving the funding for the total project and obtaining agreement with all land owner.
• NZTA’s funding approval decision is likely be known at the earliest by March 2015.
• Historic and War Memorial components from the current hall would transfer to any new facility.

Next steps
Following a firm decision from NZTA, feedback will be sought on the location of the hall.
If the decision is to proceed with building a new facility, building design options will be developed for feedback from the community.
Note that fund raising maybe required if the new facility exceeds the compensation.

Consultation has concluded