Feedback from Workshop Six - Sunday 23rd February 2014 (Afternoon Session)

almost 6 years ago

Workshop Six – Sunday 23rd February 2014: Facilitated by Ian Smith (Afternoon Session)

After introducing the workshop Ian invited participants to share their stories/experiences of flooding at Waihi Beach.

The owner of a property at Beach Road spoke about the 2012 event when flood waters entered the property.  This person expressed frustration at not being listened to (spoke to Council 6 years ago about this, disappointed when nothing happened).  The resident expressed feelings of humiliation and likened it to being ‘kicked in the guts’; ‘it’s heart breaking’.  Resident has now moved from the area.  The house is up for sale but cannot sell due to issues.  Council signed off the downstairs area.  How in major flood zone.  Family and children have been affected by this.

Another participant spoke of strong feelings about Council’s performance in terms of dealing with maintenance.

A resident from Bowentown, although not experiencing personal flood issues as the house was up on poles, spoke about flood water having to be pumped across the road in the park.  It floods the children’s play area.

Workshop attendees were then asked to write down on Post-it notes what issues were created for the community/property owners when it flooded:


  • One off rates levy to pay for flooding problems;
  • Targeted rate for catchment;
  • Money allocation ie carparks, new footpaths;
  • Uninhabitable, unsellable, fixable – buy out upstairs pensioner flat;
  • Buy my house please!
  • Bigger pondable area, bigger culvert, new underground pipe system;
  • Landscaping incorrect planting, waste of money trees all died!!
  • Money spent on footpaths, parking areas, instead of underground services;
  • Co-ordination of works eg underground services, sewerage, saves money.


  • Council need to listen;
  • Need to hasten decision making, why is it necessary to wait until June 2015?
  • Pio Road/Seaforth Road – placement of weir, excess stormwater and dispersement to sea (holding space), re-direct to side of cycle track on other side of park;
  • Quality of staff – need to listen;
  • Preparing for bad weather, more ‘major events’, ‘100 year’ floods more often.


  • Co-ordinated approach across all departments;
  • Protection of homes over all amenities;
  • Divert Fyfe Road stormwater north not south.

Consultation has concluded