Feedback from Workshop Seven - Tuesday 25th February 2014

almost 6 years ago

Workshop Seven –Tuesday 25th February 2014: Facilitated by Peter Spiers

Peter opened the workshop by introducing himself and then invited Mike Williams (Councillor for Katikati/Waihi Beach ward) to welcome everyone.  Mike affirmed that the purpose of the meeting was about sharing stories and that this was only the beginning of the process.  The role of the Council was to listen.  This was the community’s workshop.

Peter then encouraged participants to introduce themselves and share their stories/experience of flooding at Waihi Beach.

Simon & Kristy – from Snell Crescent haven’t been affected by flooding but have been quite proactive (together with some of their neighbours) and have installed a submersible pump.

Vivian & Rob – from Island View area haven’t experienced flooding but have seen flooding on the road and in other areas.  For Viv and Rob it is more a nuisance than a concern.  However, they are concerned about flooding in the places that they like to go and enjoy.

Wayne & Moyra – from Hillary Street and have ‘been around’ for 30 years.  Have taken their own measures to mitigate flooding by installing a submersible pump and haven’t had a problem since.  Wayne congratulated council on getting the meetings underway.  Wayne commented that as his property is the lowest section he seems to be the ‘catchment’ for everyone else’s stormwater.

Chris – from Edinburgh Street (adjacent to exit at 2 Mile Creek).  While Chris’s property doesn’t flood his concern is the effect of stormwater on the beach and the consequential erosion.  He has seen 2 Mile Creek ‘blow’ and erode the beach.  Chris said that the beach is currently in a good state (i.e. about 2.5m above RL) but when it builds up it dams 2 Mile Creek.  When it rains it then scours the creek and the beach erosion is significant.  Long term Chris would like to see the effects of 2 Mile Creek mitigated.  He acknowledged that Council is constrained by the conditions of the resource consent which limits the number of times per year that the creek can be unblocked to 8.  He has hand dug the creek to unblock it.  Clearing it is a short term fix.  Chris also spoke about the Seaforth Road situation where 200m of pristine dunes were lost because the creek wasn’t cleaned out.  Chris believes the ultimate
solution would be to proceed with the Tonkin and Taylor recommendations and re-divert 2 Mile Creek.  Chris said the council should’ve done the re-diversion about 10 years ago (or around the time that wastewater reticulation was going in).  In his view that process was stymied because the council thought it was too costly, but Chris believes those costs were ‘fudged’ as they involved costs for the wastewater project.  Chris asked whether more water was being put into 2 Mile Creek?  He believes there is.  The throttle on the creek is the pipe under Wilson Road.  There is more water going into 2 Mile Creek than other catchments.

Pam & David – Pam has been associated with Waihi Beach for 63 years.  Pam and David are now more or less permanent residents and they share Chris’s concerns.  Pam spoke about the ‘clashing’ of the creek with the tide.  She feels for the people who have been affected.

Rob – from Broadway.  Accepts that he lives on a flood plain.  Kerb and channel has improved things and lessened the flooding. 

Workshop attendees were then asked to write down on Post-it notes what issues were created for the community/property owners when it flooded:

Planning / Rules

  • Keep any building well away from waterfront and sand dunes
  • Council has to look at big picture, no just little areas in isolation
  • Common approach to flooding between Regional Council and District Council
  • Shopping area development re Two Mile Creek?
  • More care taken with commercial development in vunerable areas
  • Proposed flood zone areas
  • Avoiding flooding in existing area that haven't been flooded before
  • All the housing development means more immediate run-off from these areas, this will need to be countered in some way.


  • Insurance difficulties
  • Personal stress
  • Stress when there is heavy rain here whether we will be flooded again
  • Insurance issues
  • Deterioation of building due to repeated flooding.


  • Council holds these meetings, announces decision then without consultation makes changes (sea wall as example)
  • When the wall was put up we were promised a walkway.  This was not done.  I want honesty from the Council and promises kept.
  • We need a bold Council to act.
  • Local Council contractor and depot at Waihi Beach

Two Mile Creek

  • It appears there is an increase of flow down Two Mile Creek.  Can Council inform us what goes in now, then we can know will increase.
  • Diversion or more control of the creeks ie. Two Mile Creek
  • Drainage into Two Mile Creek
  • Diversion Two and Three Mile Creek
  • Diversion of Two Mile Creek
  • Mitigating the effects of Two Mile Creek can be a combination of fixes
  • Diversion of Two Mile Creek through the original outlet.  Needs to be a long term solution.
  • Two Mile Creek - who owns? Who's responsible?

Loss of Flood Plains

  • Covering a driveway area rules need to be looked at.  That is too much covering with concrete etc.

Dollars $$

  • Progressive increases in rates
  • Whatever is done requires finance = loans and interest which impacts on rates.  Are the property owners all prepared to finance the proposals for the good of the whole community?
  • Increase in rates?
  • Rates
  • Funding the issues causing the flooding is a catchment one and it is this area which should pay.


  • Regular maintenance of existing drains taking surface water (2 Snell Cres)
  • Drain on Seaforth Road to Island View Reserve floods across road in heavy rain
  • Is there a battlement in the distribution of stormwater at Waihi Beach
  • Maintenance stormwater.

Consultation has concluded