Feedback from Workshop Five - Sunday 23rd February 2014 (Morning Session)

almost 6 years ago

Workshop Five – Sunday 23rd February 2014: Facilitated by Sue Hope (Morning session)

After introducing the workshop, Sue invited participants to share their stories/experiences of flooding in Waihi Beach.

One participant was concerned over what could be done for potential new owners buying properties.  This was an issue.

Another spoke about 2 Mile Creek and the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen with the proposed protection measures.  This resident spoke about feeling trapped in a property that no one wants to purchase.  It impacts on work and private lives. The house is at risk.

Another resident also voiced concern regarding 2 Mile Creek particularly the erosion and what is happening.

A Hillview Road property owner (although an absentee owner) said that the property is raised and has not flooded yet but the section has filled with water.  The concern expressed was over what to do in the long term.

A resident expressed concern regarding the Top 10 Holiday Park.

Workshop attendees were then asked to write down on Post-it notes what issues were created for the community/property owners when it flooded:


  • Its not actually flooding until people or property are at risk;
  • Surface flooding is a legitimate and good and natural way to manage stormwater;
  • Better informed community on current maintenance.


  • Potential significant rates impact for what percentage of properties actually affected?  Should the majority pay for the minority?
  • Should be a user pays/targeted rate (with small percentage general rate for the greater good aspect);
  • What year flood should we be paying for?  Millions just for the 50 or 100 year flood isn’t reasonable;
  • What development contributions have been collected for stormwater and how have they been spent?
  • Future rate increases to fix problems?


  • Drains off Three Mile Creek.


  • Water flow – drains into Three Mile Creek not flowing;
  • Drain cleaning all sides overgrown;
  • Tennis club run off from Pohutukawa Park;
  • How to get rid of water?
  • Infrastructure – drains, maintenance;
  • Creeks to sea flow;
  • Who is responsible for maintenance of stormwater drains?  Is there any oversight in the place?
  • Drain catchments.


  • New developments – requirements, resource consents;
  • Property owners know (or should know) when they buy a flood zoned property.  That’s their risk;
  • Planning – new areas;
  • Effect of subdivision;
  • Clarity regarding the way forward, time line;
  • Council regulations with regard to building in flood zone?
  • What can one do if a property is in flood zone but does not get flooded?  Can the zoning be changed?
  • Future development of Waihi Beach town centre given the issues with flooding along Two Mile Creek?

Consultation has concluded