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What was your experience of the 2013 floods in Waihi Beach?

almost 6 years ago

On 3rd July 2012 - a day of constant heavy rain, there was a freak hailstorm between 5.30pm and 6pm. During any heavy rain, water pours onto the section off the road. This time it poured down the lawn and over the wall beside the flats on to the path. The level rose quickly and was soon pouring through very small gaps at either side of the back door with tremendous force. This was extremely frightening as there was no way to stop it. We had to move out and the repairs took three months to complete.  The stress and problems with insurance caused me quite severe depression - not helped by trouble with the Council not wanting to take responsibility for damage to my TV or DVD player which were dripping water when being carried out of my flat. Since this I became extremely nervous when it rains heavily. The torrential rain 4-5 weeks ago caused me terrible fear that we were going to be flooded again. The water coming over the wall was like Niagara Falls - so heavy and forceful, and I was ready to leave. The water was just under the bottom of the back door.

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  • Admin Commented Engagement almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.1. At pio Shores we had a good swaile drain system but then people started concreting their driveways over the swales. I contacted the council and walked around with one of the staff. (this was about 8 years ago) That staff member agreed that the driveways were compromising the swales but nothing was ever done and now it is worse than ever.2. The drain that runs under the houses along Seaforth Road and out into the Marae desperately needs to be cleaned as the bottom level is almost up to the top of the grating. I understand it will cause a problem with the marae if pumped out that side but there are two sides to that drain.3. When the grass is cut in this particular swale drain ,which takes a lot of the surface water, the grass and debris is left lying there and this gets swept into the drain or blocks it up causing flooding.4. While I agree we all need to help out, the rates are very hard to manage when you are on a lower fixed income as many of us older people are. I feel that the "levy" if it comes should be on the same basis as the beachfront protection rate. If you live in a flood area or your property directly contributes to flooding of the people below you then you should be levied higher than people whose properties do not contribute to flooding.5.There will always be flooding at Waihi Beach simply because of the situation of a high water table, and the fact that we are between the mountains and the sea, By all means we should try and mitigate the stormwater by holding tanks, and water catchment areas (which sould never be built on) but at the end of the day, if you choose to live here that is the risk you take. Tsunamis do not happen inland in places like Hamilton but it is our risk. People in areas that do not produce stormwater, that is detrimental to their neighbours, should not have to pay a levy to the same extent.6. I do agree that it would be very helpful if flood warnings could be given before the event.. Thank you for your time taken to consult with us.
  • Pete almost 6 years ago
    Like most of Waihi Beach, we didn't have any problem. There was surface flooding in the area, but in a major storm like that that is to be expected.
  • AGC almost 6 years ago
    We had surface ponding on our lawn, but we were set highish above the water table so were not to badly off. I think surface ponding is reasonable in such a heavy storm of 2013.
  • apw almost 6 years ago
    I live on Seaforth road and other than surface flooding that lay around for a lot longer than normal we were not adversely affected.I think we need to keep it context that the vast majority of homes at the beach didn't have any major problems with this worse than normal patch of weather.Whilst it is obviously a terrible experience for those that are affected it is important that we don't go for overkill in trying to find a solution and everyone needs to be aware that this only means one thing------higher rates, as the money has to come from somewhere.
  • Jenni almost 6 years ago
    It rained a lot and there was lots of surface flooding - but that was a freak storm, and they are very rare. I know quite a few homes and properties sustained damage, and it is good to give those people a place to share their stories, but I think it's really important to note that the majority of homes WEREN'T affected. We all need to look at the big picture - not individual circumstances.I also think it's really important that people understand surface flooding on your section or roads is a genuine and natural way to handle stormwater. It's only really when the water comes into people's houses or washes away roads etc that it is a serious problem.
  • Admin Commented Engagement almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.Rain water from the street gutters overflows on to the land at Didsbury Drive. This street has insufficient gully traps to drain off the stormwater. It is a regular occurance during periods of heavy rain, when stormwater flows down from Seaforth Road.
  • Admin Commented Engagement almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.Being cut off from the main roads during the extreme flooding worries me. Although we are not directly flooded out during heavy rain - we have huge puddles, almost lakes, which form around us in the Seaforth Road Reserve.The Athenree roads into Waihi Beach end often flood with high tide and extreme rain, not good this day and age to be cut off!
  • Admin Commented Engagement almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.On Saturday 22 April 2013 – Dillon Street – after a heavy downpour the previous night, we woke to find downstairs had flooded. Water had come into the house at two different spots (workshop and front door). As a result we had to lift and remove the carpet in one bedroom and the entrance. We then took precautions and action to prevent further flooding by placing sandbags across the front door and workshop area.However, despite this the rain on Saturday night left our soakhole unable to cope with the sheer volume of water. Unfortunately we have only experienced flooding since our neighbour raised the level of their section when they subdivided and their surface water runs into our property.With the heavy downpour that night, even with the sandbags in place the water flooded the downstairs area again. As a result we had to call 111 and get the assistance of the local fire brigade to pump the water off the section, this took approximately two hours.We are now in the process of adding a submersible pump to our soak hole to prevent any flooding in the future.
  • Admin Commented Communications almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.During the recent storm I felt threatened by the sheer force of the flow of Two Mile Creek.I managed to rescue some of my property before the creek overflowed at both boundaries of our property. We had significant black water through the sleep out and garage and were lucky the water did not reach our home, which is set close to the road frontage. I called the fire brigade and they advised that they couldn’t do much, but offered to move furniture etc up higher as there was a risk of water entering our home. I lay awake most of the night fearing what might happen at high tide and if the rain continued. Luckily the rain stopped and we lost no lives at Waihi Beach.We now have insurance claims to deal with for loss of property and also repairs to flood damaged buildings.We have lived at this property for 18 years and have never experienced flooding from Two Mile Creek. Prior to flood in the creek had been brimming to the top and we had no or little rain during the previous months. I consider this event could have been avoided if Council maintained, monitored and released the flow prior to forecasted weather conditions. The creek must be the responsibility of the Council. As ratepayer I should not be responsible for the stormwater coming from all directions into Two Mile Creek. The creek is therefore Council’s stormwater drain. The situation has worsened with the recent development at Waihi Beach.I would not like to experience such a flood again and I would like the Council to look seriously into how the stormwater system could be improved as a long term option and also what can be done short term to stop the erosion along Two Mile Creek. We are going to lose property at the expense of development and inadequate stormwater systems. Council’s idea of re-zoning huge flood areas at Waihi Beach is ludicrous. This does not fix the problem.
  • Admin Commented Communications almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.Very heavy rain ponds on our section from areas behind. Stormwater pipe is only 100mm which is far too small to take that amount of water.
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WITH THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.The last lot of weather saw a cascade of water come down our back road, it ponded and came through our back property like a waterfall. My husband was out clearing all the drains as this has effect on our road flooding. Since the road has been put in at Pohutukawa Park we have had a lot more water coming down that back road. It travels down to the shops and then ponds at the camp ground, but I believe it has to do with the maintenance of the drains.My daughter was in a rental property in Hillview Road in the last flood. She was out with the fire brigade and came home to their house with water up to their knees and everything wet, there was also sewerage throughout the property. They have since left that property and had to find a new rental.
  • Admin Commented SiteAdmin almost 6 years ago
    THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE 2013 FLOODS. POSTED WIHT THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESIDENT CONCERNED.For 30 years my property has flooded. Many times the water has been over my deck by about 2cm which means the water around the house is about 485cm deep. The results are that dampness under my house is continuous throughout the winter.The last flood in April 2013 caused damage inside the house. The flood must have been deeper than any other in 30 years. I would estimate it to be about 4 or 5 cm deeper than anything in the past.Dealing with Council has been a constant battle so in desperation I granted them a 3 meter easement over the length of my property 204sq meters in total. A new drain was put through from Hinemoa Street to One Mile Creek. My lawn was disfigured to create a swale drain but so far there is no improvement. My neighbours and myself paid for an electric water pump, but it can’t cope with the volume of water that we have to deal with.