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over 6 years ago
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Consultation has concluded

  • Admin Commented Engagement over 6 years ago
    1. At pio Shores we had a good swaile drain system but then people started concreting their driveways over the swales. I contacted the council and walked around with one of the staff. (this was about 8 years ago) That staff member agreed that the driveways were compromising the swales but nothing was ever done and now it is worse than ever.
    2. The drain that runs under the houses along Seaforth Road and out into the Marae desperately needs to be cleaned as the bottom level is almost up to the top of the grating. I understand it will cause a problem with the marae if pumped out that side but there are two sides to that drain.
    3. When the grass is cut in this particular swale drain ,which takes a lot of the surface water, the grass and debris is left lying there and this gets swept into the drain or blocks it up causing flooding.
    4. While I agree we all need to help out, the rates are very hard to manage when you are on a lower fixed income as many of us older people are. I feel that the "levy" if it comes should be on the same basis as the beachfront protection rate. If you live in a flood area or your property directly contributes to flooding of the people below you then you should be levied higher than people whose properties do not contribute to flooding.
    5.There will always be flooding at Waihi Beach simply because of the situation of a high water table, and the fact that we are between the mountains and the sea, By all means we should try and mitigate the stormwater by holding tanks, and water catchment areas (which sould never be built on) but at the end of the day, if you choose to live here that is the risk you take. Tsunamis do not happen inland in places like Hamilton but it is our risk. People in areas that do not produce stormwater, that is detrimental to their neighbours, should not have to pay a levy to the same extent.
    6. I do agree that it would be very helpful if flood warnings could be given before the event..
    Thank you for your time taken to consult with us.
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