What’s the plan?

    Council needs to update both the Te Puke and Maketu Reserve Management Plans. These are currently separate documents that were last reviewed in 2011 and 2013 which will be combined into one document. 

    What is a reserve management plan?

    Reserve management plans are a statutory requirement under the Reserves Act. A plan provides overarching management policies and also a one-stop reference point that includes each reserve’s classification and legal status, the area it covers, infrastructure and funding for capital projects Councils want to undertake in the next 10 years. 

    In addition to adhering to statutory requirements, Council needs to review Reserve Management Plans to: 

    • Better understand the community’s desires about the use of reserves and open spaces in the District. 
    • Ensure the plan reflects the districts growing and diverse population. 
    • Align the plan with new or reviewed Council policies, strategies and bylaws. 
    • Align the plan with the relevant levels of service. 
    • Update reserve specific information to include newly acquired sites and adopted concept plans. 

    Why should I provide feedback?

    Reserve Management Plans set out how reserves will be developed over the next 10 years so this is a great opportunity for communities to be involved in what they want to see happen on the reserves and open spaces in their community. 

    What's the difference between pre-engagement and formal engagement?

    Pre-engagement is where we ask for your initial thoughts and ideas on the key topics. 

    Formal consultation is set by the legislation, it determines how long we will consult with you and the consultation topics will be guided by your thoughts and ideas from pre-engagement.

    What happens after I provide feedback?

    We’ll use your feedback to develop the draft Te Puke-Maketu Reserve Management Plan. Your ideas and thoughts will guide more specific proposals that will be included in the formal consultation period scheduled for March/April 2022.  

    Does social media feedback count as a submission?

    Council is also using social media to gauge people’s thoughts and feelings on the key topics during the initial ‘pre-engagement’ phase of the reserve management plan review. 

    This happens in two ways – by promoting our online hub on social media, and by polling people directly on social media.   

    The pre-engagement phase is akin to information gathering or research to guide the initial draft. In this time we take all feedback, including that submitted on social media into account.  

    Social media responses will not be used during the formal consultation phase, and anyone wishing to make a submission during that stage will need to register via Council’s Have Your Say website.