If supported, when will the temporary speed limit come into effect?

    If approved the new safer speed limits are expected to be introduced on 1 October 2016.

    Where will the temporary speed restriction apply?

    The speed restriction will apply to the following sites:

    Te Puke Schools Cluster site

    • Cameron Road between Muir Place and Princess Street

    • Kowhai Avenue

    • Tui Street

    • Beatty Avenue between Queen Street and Tui Street.

    Fairhaven School site

    • Boucher Avenue between Lenihan Drive and just south of Cameron Road

    • Cameron Road between Clydesburn Avenue and Boucher Avenue

    • McBeth Drive at intersection with Boucher Avenue.

    What schools are being considered in the proposed 'Safe School Zone'?

    Western Bay of Plenty District Council is proposing to create a ‘school zone’ around Te Puke Primary, Te Puke High School and Fairhaven School in a bid to improve student safety.

    What do the schools think?

    School principals are in full support of this proposal. You can read their comments on the media release in the document library.