Why are we doing this?

    Council needs to update both the Te Puke and Maketu Reserve Management Plans. These were separate documents that were last reviewed in 2011 and 2013, and they have been combined into one draft Te Puke-Maketu Reserve Management Plan which we are now seeking your feedback on.  

    What is a Reserve Management Plan?

    Reserve Management Plans are a statutory requirement under the Reserves Act. A plan provides overarching management policies and also a one-stop reference point that includes each reserve’s classification and legal status, the area it covers, infrastructure and funding for capital projects Councils want to undertake in the next 10 years. 

    In addition to adhering to statutory requirements, Council needs to review Reserve Management Plans to: 

    • Better understand the community’s desires about the use of reserves and open spaces in the District. 
    • Ensure the plan reflects the district’s growing and diverse population. 
    • Align the plan with new or reviewed Council policies, strategies and bylaws. 
    • Align the plan with the relevant levels of service. 
    • Update reserve specific information to include newly acquired sites and adopted concept plans. 

    What is a draft concept plan?

    A draft concept plan is an overview for how a site could be developed, based on community feedback.

    A draft concept plan is only an indication of how the site could be developed. After it’s developed, and the community have given their feedback it still needs to be approved by Council, and funding needs to be sought for the work.

    Why should I provide feedback?

    Reserve Management Plans set out how reserves will be developed over the next 10 years so this is a great opportunity for communities to be involved in what they want to see happen across the recreation and open spaces network in their community.

    What's the difference between pre-engagement and formal engagement?

    Pre-engagement took place from 27 September to 11 October 2021, and we asked you for your initial thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics.  This is an informal engagement process that informs the draft plan and formal consultation process.

    Formal consultation, being undertaken now, is prescribed by legislation which determines how long we will consult with you and what is required as part of the consultation.

    What happens after I provide feedback?

    We’ll use your feedback to make changes to the draft Te Puke-Maketu Reserve Management Plan. After we’ve adopted your feedback, we’ll present a new version of the plan to Council for their approval.

    Does social media feedback count as a submission?

    Social media responses will not be used during this formal consultation phase, and anyone wishing to make a submission during that stage will need to register via Council’s Have Your Say website.

    How do I have my say?

    We need your feedback by midday on Tuesday 26 April 2022. You can provide feedback in a number of ways 

    • Take part online right here on haveyoursay.westernbay.govt.nz 
    • Attend any of our events and provide your feedback in person. 
    • Post your thoughts to ‘Te Puke-Maketu Reserve Manage Plan review, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Private Bag 12803, Tauranga 3143’. 
    • Email haveyoursay@westernbay.govt.nz 
    • Filling out a feedback form at one of Council’s libraries or service centres
    • Present your views to Council on Tuesday 5 April. Please register by emailing haveyoursay@westernbay.govt.nz or phone 07 571 8008 by Monday 28 March 2022 to secure your timeslot and receive further information. *subject to COVID and traffic light system as to whether this can be in person or required to do so virtually.