Three parts to the Representation Review

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Part 1 Electoral system (How we vote)
Council passed a resolution in August 2017 to remain with the First Past the Post (FPP) system. FPP elects candidates who get the most votes in an election or by-election.

Part 2 Māori representation
Council passed a resolution in November 2017 to establish Māori Wards. However, more than five percent of electors demanded a poll to decide the final outcome. The poll will be open from Friday, 27 April to midday on Saturday, 19 May and will be conducted by our Electoral Officer. For more information on Māori Wards visit and click on the Representation Review tile on the front page.

Part 3 Representation arrangements

Following on from consideration of the electoral system and whether Māori wards should be established, Council is now looking at whether the current representation arrangements (Mayor, 11 Councillors, three wards, five community boards and 20 community board members), provides for fair and effective representation, or if changes can be made to improve the District’s representation.

Changes could affect:

  • the total number of elected members

  • whether they come from wards, are voted in ‘at large’ across the wider District, or are a mix of both

  • the numbers and names of wards and community boards.

CLOSED: Consultation has concluded.