It's steady as we grow

almost 2 years ago
Ltp consultation document front cover with dash

E nga mana, e nga reo To everyone, all voices

E nga karangatanga maha All the many alliances and affiliations

Tena koutou Greetings

Welcome to this 2018-28 Long Term Plan Consultation Document, which provides you with an overview of the key issues, priorities and projects for the District over the next 10 years.

This plan responds to the strong population growth the Western Bay has experienced, and which is likely to continue. Our growing population creates pressure on the demand for Council services, but good planning and a prudent approach to finances means we’re in a strong position moving forward. This is due to the investment we have already made in wastewater and water supply systems, roading upgrades and community facilities such as parks, reserves, walkways, cycleways, playgrounds and skate parks.

It’s About You

During 2017, we held community conversation events throughout our District, to ask you what you want for your community. Four key themes emerged from the feedback we received, which have formed the basis of this Consultation Document:

• The pace of change – the District is growing and changing rapidly

• Getting around – we need a safe and efficient transportation network

• Protecting our environment and resources – our communities feel proud about the Western Bay environment and want to look after what we have

• Building communities – we value community connections and a sense of place.

So, what can you expect from this Council over the next 10 years?

Our primary focus will be to continue to provide core services and infrastructure, and to invest prudently in our communities.

We know that rates affordability is a key issue for both ratepayers and Council, so we are keeping rate increases as low as possible without compromising the levels of service we deliver.

We are also committed to continuing our prudent management of debt, which will have reduced from $140m in 2013 and is likely to be under $100m by June 2018.

Future focus

Your feedback has helped to shape the direction of Council’s work programme over the next 10 years, which includes some important policy and planning projects that are in their early investigative stages. Although we aren’t making decisions on these right now, we still want to let you know about them and provide an indication of the approach we intend to take.

The topics include:

• Planning for growth across the District

• Enabling the housing our community needs

• Investigating alternative recycling and rubbish collection models

• Changing the way we fund growth-related projects.

Key proposals

Our steady approach means there are no major decisions to be made through this Long Term Plan, but we do want your feedback on four key proposals:

1. Walking and cycling investment

2. Western Bay Museum funding

3. Arts and culture investment

4. Debt management approach.

Have your say

We encourage you to give us feedback on these proposals and to come along to our next round of Have Your Say opportunities during April and May. Please take the time to explore your Consultation Document and share your views with Councillors and staff. Feedback on this Long Term Plan will close on Friday, 4 May 2018.

Thank you to all those who have participated in our LTP process over the last 16 months.

Garry Webber

Mayor, Western Bay of Plenty District

Engagement has concluded for the third and final phase of the Long Term Plan 2018/2028. Thank you for taking part.