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over 2 years ago
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  • peterevi over 2 years ago
    Considering that there are many youngsters who have to travel to Tauranga for swimming practice in the off season and there are many elderly residents who love to exercise in the water as well , covering the pool and turning it into an indoor pool would be fantasticevi
  • keithhay over 2 years ago
    Lack of public consultation over the location of the new Toilets at Diggelmann Park is disgracefull. Any place along the 150 metres of frontage to Main Road and south of the Kauri Dam would have been better than the shadowy grotty site amongst the trees.
  • Barbara Martin over 2 years ago
    Katikati has a beautifully presented, well maintained, outdoor heated swimming pool that is open for six months of the year. It is about to look even smarter with refurbishment planned for this coming off season. The projects to be undertaken are those that have needed doing for some time and it will be great to see them all completed by the reopening of the pool in October.BUT, and it is a big BUT….The Dave Hume Pool is an outdoor pool only open for six months of the year and within five years it will be celebrating its 50th birthday. As such, and we all suffer this as we age, the pool is approaching the time when major repairs will be an annual expense.Our growing community needs to be able to offer an indoor heated swimming pool that is open for all 12 months of the year. To offer swimming to all levels - from babes in arms learning water confidence, through all school years learning water safety and other skills, to adults gaining valuable exercise and our older folk using the pool to stay strong and healthy. Katikati wins the race for the largest group of residents aged 65 and over for all of the Western Bay.Currently there are young swimmers leaving here at 5am in the morning to swim in Tauranga through our off season. We need to keep them here.A facility here will see swimmers travelling the short distance against the traffic from Tauranga, removing not adding to the congestion on our roads.The Spaces and Places Plan has identified the need for a new Aquatic facility in the Western Bay of Plenty.We need it here in Katikati!What do you say…..
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    • Jill over 2 years ago
      Wholeheartedly agree with Barbara Martin. Tauranga has Baywave. How about Katikati being the place for the Spaces and Places aquatic facility in the Bay? We have both the young talent and the over 60s here to support it.
    • Jenny Ager-Pratt over 2 years ago
      I completely agree - would be fantastic to see a indoor heated pool in Katikati - to my mind it makes far more sense to spend $ on this than on a library that I'm pretty sure is an out dated over priced idea.
    • MBrown over 2 years ago
      100% agree with this. It is an asset that badly needed.
    • M Bishop over 2 years ago
      It would be great for all ages if we had an indoor heated pool. And it would be great for the young people employed at the pool to be able to have work all year around. Like someone else said, it seems like a waste to have the pool closed for half a year. For businesses to keep up with the times they've increase their opening hours and stay open 7 days a week etc. While it may not need to be that extreme, we need to make sure our town/businesses keep up too.
    • Maurice Fletcher over 2 years ago
      It surely would be wonderful to have a covered heated pool in Katikati. We oldies need to exercise and swimming is one of the best forms and so easy on the joints.
  • Jim Hekker over 2 years ago
    Is widening of the Haiku Pathway along the proposed recreation lake part of the plan ? It is very narrow and if the lake attracts more people it could become a problem.
  • Jacqui over 2 years ago
    I hope that the Council are going to keep the green space green on the recently purcahsed land behind Cherry Court and the shops down to Bridgestone. It will be great to have additional parking close to town but please leave the grass at the south end. With a little development it will make a fantasic new park.
  • Carol Martin over 2 years ago
    The proposed new Katikati library is a total waste of ratepayers money and irresponsible of Council to continue with this project. The existing library can be extended which would be more than adequate in this age of ebooks.The floral hanging baskets are lovely, but the impact is lost with scruffy shop frontages (with a couple of exceptions) and grimy windows. I realise it takes a bit of an effort to keep things clean with the constant stream of traffic thundering through the main street, but could not the building owners be persuaded to brighten up the frontages with a lick of paint and get the windows sparkling clean.The town could benefit from a better mix of shops. We have a surfeit of cake and pie shops and charity shops. We would love to have a proper delicatessen and an artisan bakery, french breads would be a good fit.
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    • Jill over 2 years ago
      Carol I hope you have discovered our wonderful open-air deli and artisan bakery. I'm talking about our fabulous Friday farmers market 4-6pm Uretara Domain.
  • Jacqui over 2 years ago
    We have been working with Council for a few years to see the development of walk and cycleways in Katikati. Our aim is to ensure that we have wide trails with good surfaces so that we can accommodate many different users. Ultimately we would like to have a network of linking trails that will be user friendly to suit a variety of fitness levels. We are also working in with Katikati Open-Air Art to have art installations along the trails and this will give us a great point of difference for visitors to experience. With all the action happening from Waihi to Waihi Beach and Omokoroa to Tauranga, I am worried about Katikati being left out. Do you want to see more trail development in Katikati? Do you want to have a route that goes from Waihi Beach, through Katikati and onto Omokoroa, linking us all up?
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    • Jim Hekker over 2 years ago
      I think it is very exciting to see the developments of walkways and cycleways all over the country lately. I have walked and cycled most of the walkways in and around town and often take my E-bike to other locations in the district and other districts to enjoy new tracks. For locals loops are the best. For tourism linking with other tracks, like Omokoroa and Waihi Beach would be great, so visitors can stay in Katikati if they wish, but the cost of building these connections would be high for the local community to pay for that, I think.
    • Anne over 2 years ago
      I would like to see the paper road from Thomsons Track to Katikati opened up for cyling. This would reduce traffic as I am sure there are many of us rural dwellers who would bike the relatively short distance into town. We would know that our safety would be assured. Unlike, the State Highway which is a dangerous road to drive but even more dangerous to bike along. There would also be the added benefits of being healthier and energised.
    • Jill over 2 years ago
      I agree with Jacqui that we need to link up to Waihi and through to Omokoroa not just small local recreation loops. I am local but would love to be able to cycle to Omokoroa and Waihi Beach. It would be a great thing to do with family and friends and like Anne I am a rural dweller but would use these routes to travel to town. Imagine how much more child and family friendly, accessible and joined up our communities would become if we linked them up using the paper roads as cycle and walking paths.
  • Mike Greenz over 2 years ago
    There has been much discussion in New Zealand about water quality, in rivers and sea, water for sale, water as a precious resource for drinking, irrigation, a source of food (sea food) and swimming. Industry and agriculture, example, farming and saw milling, can have an harmful impact on our water resources. Has any testing and analysis been conducted on Katikati's waterways for quality and pollution? Is there regular monitoring and testing where local industry like Claymark, which is located near our local waterway and conducts heavy industry production? I am sure this and other kiwifruit production activities have a lot of toxic waste in the manufacturing process. It would be great to know that there are processes in place to stop toxic waste from these plants entering our waterways and ocean.
  • Gizmick over 2 years ago
    I would love to see community food and herb gardens set up in Katikati to strengthen community resilience and create a vibrant hub where young and old can share skills, learn new ones and promote healthy eating. Perhaps we could look at combining this with the current Kati KaiWay (Edible walkway)......
  • Mike Greenz over 2 years ago
    I support the option of all year round swimming in a heated pool for all residents from Katikati and surrounds. Swimming is considered one of the best exercise choices as it is low impact and works the whole body holistically. I swim at least 3 times per week in summer and feel positively strong and fit. Then winter comes along and of course the weather can be pretty rough and options for keeping fit are limited. It seems many swimmers would benefit with all year swimming. The young can be encouraged to practice their swimming skills all year which may help them be more safe in the sea. A covered pool may also reduce maintenance costs whilst infrastructure is protected from the weather. Another advantage may be that more visitors come to Katikati through winter and local business benefits from spending.
  • Barbie over 2 years ago
    I would welcome a covered heated pool in Katikati. It is fabulous to swim in the summer locally but so disappointed that the pool closes for the Winter. A waste of a facility. A covered pool would be an asset for the town and enable all to swim year round and improve/ train/ compete.
  • lizzy over 2 years ago
    How do we have a conversation about different styles of housing developments especially mixed developments (young and old) with strong eco-friendly considerations…sharing common green spaces? Tiny homes holdings…how do we attract visionary developers?
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    • Jim Hekker over 2 years ago
      Hi Lizzy, I always liked the idea of small mixed developments where young and old can live together, especially in a rural development, they are around. The problem is you need to start with land that give you some freedom in building what you want, without too much red tape from the Council. But there need to be rules to ensure your investment is safe. I like the idea of small cluster of say 4 houses on one acre block.
  • Wend over 2 years ago
    I would like to talk about the proposed indoor swimming pool for Katikati.I have recently relocated back to the area having grown up in Katikati with myself and my 2 teenagers using the local facilities swimming at the Dave Hume over summer as part of the Waihi Beach Surf Life Saving Squad.Both my children have trained in national squads and swum in competitions since they were young. My oldest son now holds two school records and the Katikati College Swimming Champion for his age group along with his brother placing 3rd overall.Swimming is a sport where the athletes need to train for hours every single day to be competitive, normally early prior to school and then in the evening. It is a sport that continues all year with the main national meets taking place over the winter period Due to the facilities at Dave Hume and the lack of winter swimming we now travel through to Tauranga to access coaches, a nationally registered swim club and an all year round pool. This is a considerable journey that takes traffic dependent well over an hour each way, that’s 2 hours and more we are travelling each day we swim. We have now cut down our training schedule because this amount of travel is not sustainable as we live at Waihi Beach.We have top national swimmers that live in this area that should be representing Katikati and training locally yet all our top athletes are in other clubs using other facilities with ourselves in the Tauranga Club. If Katikati had an all round suitable facility not only would it attract our top swimmers back into the area we would also draw in from other clubs disadvantaged by their location such as Waihi who travel to Thames to train each winter. We would also attract better coaches, get better swimmers and retain the younger kids that train in the Dave Hume over summer who I believe would then carry on with swimming not only over winter but into the teenage years as well. This is very apparent in the Surf Life Saving squad where only a small percentage continue past a certain age due to the lack of facilities Learning to swim saves lives, being a swimmer keeps you fit and healthy and as an athlete can take you places all around the world for your sport. Please, let’s support and give our athletes a chance!
  • Ruth B over 2 years ago
    Swimming is an essential lifelong skill. It is a real disadvantage for our kids, especially in terms of water safety but also in promoting healthy active lifestyles, to not have access to a local swimming pool year-round. I urge the council to support and implement a plan for an indoor swimming pool as a priority.
  • Shirley Buchanan over 2 years ago
    I am member of KatiKati Masters Swimming and a member of New Zealand Masters Swimming for 33 years. A covered heated pool 25 metres long is desperately needed at KatiKati. Adults and children must have confidence in the water. I have taught swimming to many children and I know that they get cold very quickly. A heated pool would enable lessons to be held both summer and winter. Senior citizens will use a heated pool to exercise and keep fit. We owe it to future generations to provide the facilities for swimming in all seasons.
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    • simon sheely over 2 years ago
  • lizzy over 2 years ago
    I value the councils community conversation days. To aid the discussions, I would like to see posters set up that highlight the big issues that we need to be thinking about, Ie. I fear that as a resident I am responding to the council plans with 2017 mind-sets when I want to feel that I am responding with awareness of the Katikati /world in 2050. Could you have a set of posters that outline the big picture considerations…e.g., …environment / sea rise/ food accessibility / aging population, housing affordability …whatever the issues are ….i think that would stimulate more creative and meaningful feedback….for example, at the meeting, I was all in favour of the Katikati residential area spreading towards the sea but as I thought about it later, in light of climate change that was a daft thing to say!
  • Duncan Snelling over 2 years ago
    I gather there are moves to build an enclosed swimming pool near the existing open air pools in Katikati. I would welcome an indoor pool as this would allow people to swim throughout the year. The nearest indoor pool at the moment is in Tauranga which is too far and too expensive to visit regularly. I would also suggest that the pool be 33 metres long (50 would be even better, we have too few in NZ) to allow for more proficient swimming. Given the rising problem of people being unable to swim properly and risking their lives on our beaches, the availability of year-long swimming is certain to save lives as children could go to swimming lessons during the winter months.I would also like to applaud the work done by the current people who run the Katikati pool through the summer. It is a delight to swim there, the staff are always friendly and helpful and the pool kept clean and tidy.
  • goggles67 over 2 years ago
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  • Stefancy over 2 years ago
    I would like to address the proposed subdivision the council is proposing opposite the Church on Beach Road at the top of the hill and next to 18 Beach Road. My understanding is that the council proposes to move the right of way closer to the hill to make way for a few sections. Also moving the sewage line. Soil testing has already taken place. This right of way is in a blind spot at the top of the hill and the more people who use it the more dangerous it is. Moving the right of way makes it more dangerous as there is less space to see traffic coming up the hill. There is not even a sign on the hill for traffic to slow down for a blind spot and the schools. I would invite council to observe the traffic situation especially at school closing time to witness the hazards. Surely safety for our children is a priority. Nancy Williams