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about 3 years ago
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Give your feedback or comments on any Kaimai topic or project. We'd also love to hear what's important to you when thinking about your future and the future of this community.

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Consultation has concluded

  • Sylvie about 3 years ago
    Hi. I moved to Katikati in 2014 an would like to know what the plans are for the following:
    1. Recycling Centre/Services. Are there any plans to expand the services and opening hours of the recycling centre or introduce a wheel-bin service
    2. Public transport- specifically a frequent park and ride service between Katikati and Tauranga for workers (i.e. not aimed at retirees): I have already approached BOPRC about this bit I understand it would require pressure/cooperation from yourselves.
    3. Plans to redevelop Katikati township as a pedestrian-friendly space, now the bypass has been approved.