Engagement Process

What is engagement?

We ask for your opinions on a wide range of projects, plans, bylaws and services. We view engagement as a genuine dialogue with our communities to help us make better, more sustainable and inclusive decisions. Our engagement is everyday, with genuine commitment and outcomes. This is important to ensure Council’s decisions reflect the aspirations of everyone who lives in this District.

So how does it work?

Council's Significance and Engagement Policy identifies how and when communities can expect to be included on decisions that affect them. It also enables our communities to understand the significance Council places on certain issues, proposals, assets, decisions and activities. This is required under the Local Government Act 2002.

Some of our engagement projects must follow a statutory process which has specific timeframes and advertising requirements to align with legislation e.g. long term plans and bylaws. Others will follow an informal process where we seek some initial ideas to inform concept designs or a draft policy or plan. Some of our projects will require initial pre-engagement prior to the statutory process kicking off, to ensure we're on the right track and there are no surprises down the line. We will ensure the approach is communicated clearly each time.

Before making a decision, Council considers all feedback, along with advice from Council staff and other relevant information. Once a decision has been made, that decision, along with the relevant reports, will be available on Council's website.

Our principals of engagement:

  • Meaningful – based on an open mind and willingness to listen

  • Respectful – with the aim of building council-community relationships

  • Supported by information which is balanced, sufficient and in plain language

  • Inclusive and endeavour to reach all those affected

  • Flexible and tailored to the needs of those being engaged

  • Coordinated across Council departments to minimise duplication and engagement fatigue

  • Pragmatic, efficient and value for money.