Let's talk: Free Exercise Areas

about 4 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Do we need more free exercise areas for dogs? Where should they go? (See the options we've suggested in the related document)

What key features/facilities should be included in the exercise area?

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Thanks for having your say! Consultation has now finished. We'll be in touch with an adopted plan in August.

  • Jenny Grose over 4 years ago
    More free dog exercise areas please. Council to provide dog poo bins.
  • phil mckernon over 4 years ago
    we actually drive from Pahoia to tect all terrain park !! and have met many who drive similiar distances!! surely more off leash areas are needed, for the dogs, the owners and even those who are phobic about dogs.it must make sense.
  • Barb over 4 years ago
    We certainly need more off leash areas... Katikati and Omokoroa in particular! Love the one at text park... Though some water to play in would be great! The groynes in Christchurch is the most amazing dog area I have ever seen, it's huge! running alongside a river, bush and rolling hills, agility area .. The lot! WesternBay could do something similar ?!?!?
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    • Rogers over 4 years ago
      Yes I would definitely like to see an off-leash area at Omokoroa, perhaps at Western Ave? It would be great if it were more than just a wide open space e.g. trees, bushes, tunnels as part of an environment design that dogs would find interesting.
  • Cazzie over 4 years ago
    More off the leash areas please - sadly lacking around Western Bay & Tauranga and yes to dog poo bins it would encourage people to pick up more if they knew they could dispose more easily
  • shaun over 4 years ago
    More off leash areas is a great idea! Maybe fencing Yatton Park may be a good idea? My Wife and I take our boy to Yatton Park every weekend. Seems to be a few people down there walking their dogs. Its a fairly large area and is close to town. Tect Park is also a great place to take dogs! The only down side (for lack of a better term) is from town its a bit of a drive to get up there. Would be great to have a dog Park located centrally. Off leash areas are great for socialising your dogs as long as they are supervised. I believe this is a major reason why a lot of dogs can be "menacing" because they are not regularly socialised both with people and other dogs.
  • Hien over 4 years ago
    It would be great if dogs had more free space to exercise freely and socialise with other dogs. The problem is not so much the dogs but irresponsible owners, most of whom would support making those responsible for leaving their pet's calling cards on beaches and elsewhere more accountable for their lack of consideration of others and their dogs. clear signage for where and when dogs have access rather that when they don't would be a positive step as would providing listings of such sites with registration notices.
  • AlTaylor over 4 years ago
    The district definitely needs more areas than just the TECT park, having moved here from Canterbury I'm disappointed to see how few places we can walk / exercise our dogs other than on the beach or up in the bush - and not even in all of that!Suggest you contact the Selwyn district council to look at the new dog park they established in Lincoln - great space, good facilities and the dogs + owners loved it
  • Counterpoint over 4 years ago
    More off leash areas would be a huge bonus - it would help in exercising the dogs but would also assist in dog socialization as well. The new TECT park is a good start (fenced, water available, poo bins) but it's still pretty small and you have to travel for ages to get there - it's just too far out to be a practical, regular option.
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    • Pam Byrne over 4 years ago
      I agree great area but to far away to use regularly
    • Milo over 4 years ago
      It's far too far to drive to, especially on a hot day with your poor overheated dog in the car.
  • RSS over 4 years ago
    Yes to more fenced dog parks. NZ is sadly lacking in facilities for dog owners and dog parks are great for socialising young dogs with new dogs and people. Would be great to have divided into large dog/small dog areas like other dog parks I've used overseas. Double gated entry and dog waste bins are a must, along with water fountains for dogs to drink from. Covered pavilion with seating would be nice or at least shade trees and benches. Would be great to find a location closer to Tauranga than Katikati or Te Puke, Tauriko/Kaimai somewhere?
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    • allwen over 4 years ago
      I guess that means rate payers and not owners will pay for all this, Perhaps you could walk with the dog instead of sitting down in the pavilion.
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      • RSS over 4 years ago
        Actually I walk my dogs daily on leash, however the dogs like to play with "each other" when they go to a dog park so it's nice in the summer to have somewhere shaded to watch and allow them to play. As a ratepayer I contribute to many more facilities that I never use, just the way it works. Happy also to pay a yearly fee to "join" and use the facilities like some more upmarket parks overseas.
  • ruff123 over 4 years ago
    Definitely need more free exercise areas in WBOP but as a Lower Kaimai resident, Tect, Te Puke, Kati or Omokoroa are a bit of a hike. Any chance of a fenced area at McLaren Falls Park?
  • buddy over 4 years ago
    yes maybe in papamoa. tect park is great but way to far out! needs more water too :)
  • Pam Byrne over 4 years ago
    I agree with so many of the previous comments. Off leash areas are great but they are too small. Please, please consider more walks where dogs can be taken on leash. We are so far behind the rest of the world when people think of dogs as an outside farm animal. We love our dogs and are part of the family and we would love to go for a decent walk together. We are responsible owners who clean up after their dogs and we are not alone. Please help.
  • Milo over 4 years ago
    Yes there need to be more places where we can walk our dogs, but not an enclosed field with lots of other dogs, that's not pleasant. We want to be able to swim in the sea and walk on the beach or in the forest with our best friends. Responsible dog owners are not the problem but we are penalised for the ones who let their dogs chase birds, who don't pick up after them or let them roam.
  • Val Baker over 4 years ago
    Love the Tect arena Miss Macey who is a Bernese Mountain Dog has met some wonderful friends human and dog there. I think it is big enough. Love the toys to play on and the seats. In time perhaps the middle will be opened up giving more tracks to play in
  • stello over 4 years ago
    More free running areas and they need a water feature for the dogs to play in and bins seating for humans would go down well.
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    • maggieb over 4 years ago
      recently moved back from australia where our dog rego was $10 per dog and fabulous dog parks with rubbish bins for poo bags so you dont haveto carry the poo home in your car and ponds and fenced walking trails. every 2nd house in te puke where I walk my dogs has adog, so where are the facilities for the enormous fees we pay here
  • Val Baker over 4 years ago
    I agree with most of the comments, but think we need to be thanking our council for making this facility available at all. It certainly is a great start. I am finding the council dog people very proactive in comparison to some other councils. I believe there is a dog day coming up at Omokoroa? We should all make the effort to support this. The one they held in Te Puke was awesome.
  • Len over 4 years ago
    One dog area (TECT) in BOP is not sufficient. It is also in the middle of nowhere. We pay high rates here and dog registration. Surely fencing off an acre is not a big ask in return.
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    • paula over 4 years ago
      an acre is not enough! it has to be a decent stretch....papamoa hills has hundreds of acres of walks ( i think a hundred plus km of walks ) and very few people go there because cars get broken into in the car park etc...if dog owners were allowed on even one of the tracks I guarantee that crime rates would drop as the park would be so much busier....and believe me irresponsible dog owners don't walk there dogs certainly not far from home!
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      • maggieb over 4 years ago
        yes i agree let dog owners use the park. theoness that go to parks are the caring owners that view having fun with their dogs as a huge quality of life
  • Len over 4 years ago
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  • paula over 4 years ago
    irresponsible dog owners don't walk there dogs far from home...because they cant be bothered , good dog owners will travel huge distances for nice walks where they are unmolested for having normal healthy well socialized dogs off lead to run ...
  • alison over 4 years ago
    Yes the area needs to be large so that there is plenty of free space and a good idea to have a water access
  • Bodie over 4 years ago
    TECT Park is a good concept but too far away - are any stats kept on how many visitors it gets? if not, there should be. Tauranga needs two or three fenced dog exercise parks with double gates, water fountains and poo bags. Having seen such parks in South Island cities - they do not need to be large. The dogs socialise and in turn exercise themselves. A useful touch are tables and benches for owners to pic-nic and socialise with like minded people.
  • Lisa Swain over 4 years ago
    Yes i would like to see more free exercise areas. Due to distance, I wouldn't use Te Puke or Katikati often. I suggest making a free exercise area at the Meander walkway, Loop Road, Te Puna. There is a disused paddock there. Given that the council already mows the walk ways around the lakes, it could mow this paddock creating a large relativity central exercise area for dogs.
  • alison over 4 years ago
    Yes for city dwellers there should be free exercise areas with a pond for swimming.
  • maggieb over 4 years ago
    yes there doesnt seem to be any dog parks in te puke where we live. we need some of the parks to be fenced off so they can exercise safely. Not good enough you have our dog fees please fence a coupleof parks. also a park for small dogs only so we dont need to worry about the little guys getting attacked.
  • Doggiedog over 4 years ago
    Yes more dog exercise areas are always good, so long as they are well sign posted so people know they are dog exercise areas. There also needs to be rules and guidelines to make sure people control their dogs while in these areas.
  • WBSue over 4 years ago
    Free exercise areas should only be put in areas where native birds don't nest and forage. And also away from cyclists and walkers. It also should be a requirement that dogs are under the control of their owners - if they aren't then they should be on a lead.
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    • carole long over 4 years ago
      The trouble with "under control" is that there are so many interpretations of this, and the only real answer is on a lead unless the dog is in a free exercise area or contained inside the home residence
  • optimanzltd@gmail.com over 4 years ago
    Yes area's needed, who's going to police the rules?
  • over 4 years ago
    I have a much loved and well cared for dog. With development in Omokoroa dog numbers have doubled, or trebled in the last five years, most people being good, considerate owners. I co-ordinate Pest Free Omokoroa, controlling rats etc and preserving and successfully enhancing bird life--especially native birds-- and I belong to Omokoroa Environmental Managers. We are fortunate to have Godwits migrating here, these are birds of national significance. In March they migrate from N.Z. up to Korea and China to rest and feed before travelling onto the Artic to breed--in September/October they return flying nonstop to N.Z. An incredible migration-- their numbers are decreasing due to lack of habitat in China, weakening the birds, which after breeding and on their return journey, fall into the sea and die. The dog laws at present stipulate dogs must be on leads on the north side beach and area beside the Golf Course to prevent disturbance where the Godwits, and other sea birds rest, and Banded Rail and Dotterel nest, this MUST be maintained. The Godwits also rest and feed on sandbars on the southern side of the Peninsular, where at present there is little access and so no dog restrictions. With the development of the new boardwalk/cycle way there, it is IMPERATIVE there be a new ruling,that dogs must be on leads both on the board walk and the beach, in the area from Cooney's reserve up to the end of Lynley Park subdivision. There are several areas here where dogs can run free--the Sports ground, School grounds, an area in Cooney's reserve, parts of the beaches, and on our many walkways that are away from roads. The bylaw that a dog must be on a lead on a footpath beside a public road must be continued to control a dog from causing an accident.rushing at the elderly, children and at other dogs-- this is still an ongoing problem. j
  • Colleen Silvester over 4 years ago
    I definitely think we need a decent dog exercise area and to me that means - fenced, gated, water fountain or pond for drinking, and a reasonable size so that you have good visibility of approaching dogs. I don't care if I have no where to sit and cover isn't a must for me. I have a rottweiller and we use the racecourse and Kopurererua walkways to exercise. I think there should be rubbish bins at all entrance ways and notices stating dog owners should carry leads at all times.