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Traffic and parking

about 1 year ago

Western Bay of Plenty District Council currently offer parking enforcement in Te Puke and Katikati during working/shopping hours, and in Waihi Beach during the peak summer season. Have you got any traffic or parking changes you would like Council to consider? For example, yellow lines, loading zones, mobility parks, or time-restricted parking. Please be specific about where and why you would like to see changes be made.

Consultation has concluded

  • Possum about 1 year ago
    Parking wardens not wearing hi-viz clothing whilst performing duties, this makes it difficult to identify for tourists the elderly and disabled if they have a parking issue/question, also becomes an immediate hazard if that warden has to direct a driver potentially going to cause a traffic hazard especially if areas involve SH2 (Katikati) I thought under a duty of care anyone working around a highway would have to wear hi-viz clothing.
  • WBSue about 1 year ago
    Yellow lines on both sides of the road between the Waihi Beach Coastguard and Anzac Bay. This is to stop people parking on the road edges and limiting access for the coastguard boats when they're being trailered for launching / retrieval
  • WBOP Kid about 1 year ago
    Omokoroa residents have for many months now endured road works on Omokoroa Road between the Rail overbridge and the intersection of SH2. Through winter our cars were dirtied on a daily basis due to wet weather and road reconstruction. Work is nearing completion and we have a totally sealed portion of road. However every time it rains our cars continue to get dirty. Why? It’s a result of Omokoroa Carriers Ltd. vehicles bringing mud and dirt from their yard onto Omokoroa Road. Council must negotiate a solution with Omokoroa Carriers to prevent daily soiling of Omokoroa Road.
  • WBOP Kid about 1 year ago
    A ‘No Parking’ zone is needed on Omokoroa Road from the intersection of Omokoroa Road and Western Avenue on the northern side for the length of the Skate Park. Vehicles parking in that vicinity create both a traffic and pedestrian risk. There is sufficient parking in Western Ave and sports ground and skate park users need to be encouraged to park in Western Ave.
  • WBSue about 1 year ago
    State highway 2 from Tauranga to Waihi - reduce speed to 80km for whole way until the road is improved. The road is poorly engineered for today's volume of traffic. It is difficult for side road traffic to safely merge on to the main road. Slowing down traffic will help reduce the number and severity of accidents, improving everyones chances of getting where they're going safely and within reasonable time
    • JD about 1 year ago
      This review explicitly exludes State Highways which are NZTA's purview. However, for what it's worth, I completely disagree with you. SH2 is a main trunk road and 100kph is perfectly safe all the way from Waihi to Tauranga (except through Katikati and Te Puna). Accidents occur on it for three main reasons: 1) Because people are doing way more than the existing limit. Your suggestion would have no effect on people who choose to break the law anyway. 2) Pulling out illadvisedly from side roads, which is a function of congestion and is partly why the road needs upgrading. 3) Because of stupid overtaking manoeuvres caused by a lack of passing lanes. Your suggestion of lowering speeds would merely increase the frustration and likely lead to more such stupid attempts, particularly as it would effectively end the ability for law abiding people to overtake on the few passing lanes that do exist.
  • WBSue about 1 year ago
    Make Waihi Beach safer for cyclists, runners and pedestrians. Reduce speedlimits to max of 40 km throughout Waihi Beach, and the road from Waihi Beach to Bowentown to 70km. Improve education in the community about respect for others sharing the roads.
  • Lyn Govenlock about 1 year ago
    Two disability parks is unusual side by side. I suggest only 1 is needed as these ones are used so seldom.
  • Lyn Govenlock about 1 year ago
    Can you please remove one if not both of the 2 disability parks on Jellicoe St directly outside the Turkish takeaways ,hot bread shop and sushi shop by the walkway.There are many parks lost here in the new developments outside the pharmacy. There are many parks behind the pharmacy for their customers. There are always people double parking and illegally parking in the disability parks to quickly get takeaways .I have never seen any mobility card holder use these parks. they are often empty or when the odd car is there it is being used illegally.
  • Tina about 1 year ago
    Te Puke has growing overnight parking issues on urban streets, "seasonal" and rental properties, with multiple vehicles that park along narrow streets. eg. cnr Hookey and Cameron Road, along Boucher Ave, near intersection with Hookey Drive. Large Trucks that park on the berm, damaging the footpaths and blocking access. eg. Dunlop road, MacLoughlin Drive. People selling cars on public/council/private land that are a menace/danger to road/walkway users. Please clarify this bylaw/strengthen with tow-away signs and enforcement. Why should private sellers free load without the appropriate hawkers/commercial licenses that other legitimate dealers are required by law as well as degrade the rohe of Te Puke with unroadworthy vehicles abandoned or left in some street/berm.
  • Waihitian about 1 year ago
    Waihi Beach village. I feel the speed & flow of traffic through the village is dangerous. Can I suggest a couple of changes: 1/ Roundabouts on Wilson Road & Citrus Ave, and an oval type roundabout on Wilson Road & Dillon Street & Snell Crescent. This would help slow down traffic & allow easy U turns for vehicles driving through the village then turning back via Snell St to head back through the village.2/ Reduce the speed limit to 30km/h through the village starting from both roundabouts. 3/ Install judder bars at every pedestrian crossing point in the village of a width that allows easy crossing for wheelchairs, prams etc.4/ Make the medium strip through the village a 10min loading zone for commercial vehicles & 5min for vehicles with trailers/boats/caravans. This is currently the practice for delivery vehicles & vehicles with boats anyway. They have this system in Picton which is very effective & much safer.
    • 28 year Beachie about 1 year ago
      Agree with most of the above. Do not agree with centre loading zone for any vehicles OTHER THAN strictly commercial delivery vehicles who do not have options, centre their vehicles accurately, have careful attitudes to moving traffic and generally deliver off-peak. Parking for lazy caravaners, boaties and tradies should be banned, and enforced, before pedestrians are injured by 30 kph drivers whose vision is impeded by centre parkers.
  • Lyn Govenlock about 1 year ago
    The disability park on Queen St outside the Path Lab needs to be relocated to the bottom of the path lab ramp at the roundabout end of that set of parks please. I took my disabled father in law for a blood test. The disability park is at the far end where the steps are. He had trouble getting up the curb, trouble walking along the footpath to the far end to go up the ramp.
  • Longtime owner about 1 year ago
    Waihi beach - lower speed limit from Albacore Ace to Bowentown. More monitoring of vehicle speeds along Seaforth Road - a large number of vehicles completely ignore the 50km limit - dangerous with children and older people often crossing the road to reach the beach.
  • Longtime owner about 1 year ago
    Waihi Beach - limit campervan parking on the beachfront eg Tuna Ave and Anzac Bay - these vehicles take up most of the parking area at Tuna Ave nearly all year round. Limit use to nights only or restrict numbers. Parks are used in all areas by vans showing self contained stickers when they are very obviously not self contained. This needs to be clamped down. We don;t see why camper vans should be given nearly all the prime parking places along the beach particularly on busy days in the summer.
  • swim2 about 1 year ago
    Maketu Beach Road - this is very busy in summer and could really do with some speed bumps to slow down traffic.
  • Worker about 1 year ago
    We need more all day parking for the workers in Te Puke, especially down the Tauranga end . An example is there used to be parking under the trees by the Anglican Church but without consultation to the public, this was changed to parallel parking on the road. 15 car spaces reduced to 8. Are the residents of nearby streets going to complain when people start parking there if there is no available spaces left?
  • Armchair critic about 1 year ago
    Traffic flow through Te Puke is ridiculous. By changing what didnt need to be changed we now have an ongoing issue, (which is even worse during kiwifruit season).The Commerce Lane carpark is now always overloaded with freedom campers, they are messy and ignore the rules. They need to be moved so locals can safely pick their children up from the various buses that stop in there or for the townspeople that park there.One last thing...there is a liquor ban in place in Te Puke, which is never policed, drunks always loiter in town and the carpark drinking.
    • Fleabags about 1 year ago
      Yes agree the Main Street is a total balls up. We have homeless people hanging out and sleeping in our Church grounds(Anglican) littering with cans, bottles etc and helping themselves to beds, mattresses that get left at the Salvation Army Store and then sleeping on church property which is unacceptable. As Te Puke is the way it is at the moment how do we as a town attract better shops I tothe town to create more business for all, we don’t need to be a town of liquor stores and junk shops. There needs to be a limit in town of how many liquors we need.
  • Avenues Resident about 1 year ago
    Shops are leaving the Tauranga CBD as Bayfair and Crossings offer covered shopping and free parking. Consider Free PArking all weekend to retain/ attract shops and shoppers so CBD does not become a waste-land (sorry - further waste-land now the likes of Whitcoulls have moved out of the CBD to Crossings)
  • raewyna about 1 year ago
    Parking Te Puke CBD. Parking spaces need to be large enough to accommodate COMMON cars. Many are too short. We also need a few that are more than 60 minutes to cover business appointments. Also, the single lane system is diabolical. At the very least remove the gardens so that a single line of parking will at least work for vehicles needing to get back into the traffic. But preferably go back to the two lanes to encourage through traffic. The current setup discourages anyone from coming to town, and is a time waster for those who have no choice but to travel through.
  • Maniatutu about 1 year ago
    The traffic flow through Te Puke is rubbish. Please reinstate the 2 lanes through town to relieve the congestion
  • Gk about 1 year ago
    Please introduce a bylaw to stop people selling cars ,boats etc on road verges in urban areas like Omokoroa..many other councils have this bylaw why hasnt WBOPDC ?come on i pay my rates not to have a car sales yard at my gate.Please introduce this bylaw..thankyou
  • Avenues Resident about 1 year ago
    There are too many people speeding past schools eg Tauranga Boys school. Add speed-bumps to all roads in the area including 13th Ave, 14th Ave and Devonport especially as both 13th Ave and 14th Ave have people shortcutting the 15th Ave/ Cameron Road intersection - normally at excessive speed
  • Colin Hewens about 1 year ago
    I am not an urban resident and current practise works for me
  • savage about 1 year ago
    Council brought in a By Law as to no overnight campers at Brighton Reserve, for a 6-7 week period Dec to Feb. We would have preferred none at all ever. The signs are ineffectual. 1) Could Council generate a much bigger sign please. 2) could council generate a separate sign for the Dec to Feb. “strictly no overnight camping (& the dates)” & erect it for that period. It needs to be LARGE. People do not adhere to it, especially vans without facilities. They stay longer than allowed & there is always more parked there than allowed. Right by the childrens playground is dangerous & parents can never get a park. It is not safe. Thank you for the opportunity to submit a comment.
  • WBSue about 1 year ago
    Camper vans & caravans and large vehicals should have specified parking places made available which are suitable for their longer length. They should be barred and fined for taking up more than 1 parking space at our busier carparks. eg Wilson Road shops, North end beach carparks, Brighton, etc. This should be enforce through out the year.
  • Golfdiver about 1 year ago
    At the junction of Cannel Farm Dr and Oxford St Te Puke, cars and other vehicles have been parking directly opposite where drivers entering Oxford from Cannel farm dr cross the traffic. If a yellow no parking area of say 20 metres could be added, it would make this far safer. It is quite narrow especially when towing a trailer. The affected property is no37 Oxford and to owners/residents agree and have no objections. I was going to present a petition, which every person in Village heights that I have asked has signed. This forum could eliminate a lot more shoe leather burning.
  • Bushlands about 1 year ago
    Rural side roads that are not a full width of 2 lanes should have a speed limit of no more than 70km/h better even 50km/h in the areas that are only 1 1/2 lane wide and have no centre line.