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Feedback on the General Bylaw

about 1 year ago

This relates to cemeteries, public places and nuisances. Please refer to the current bylaws and let us know if you think there is anything Western Bay of Plenty District Council needs to address in relation to these.

Consultation has concluded

  • davo about 1 year ago
    Section 4 needs to be expanded to elaborate on the keeping of domestic cats, rabbits, mustelids, birds and rodents. These are all things that can become wild and cause incredible destruction to the natural environment and a public nuisance. These activities are already unchecked incthe bay of plenty and it is time to ensure pet owners are reponsible for the animals they own and look after
  • davo about 1 year ago
    Ban fire works or make provide designated locations where they can be used and mangaged safetly away from pets other people and wildlife please!
  • davo about 1 year ago
    Other councils like auckland and wellington have recently introduce cat nuetering, micro chipping and maximum numbers of cats for owners in urban ares in conjunction with undertaking feral cat control. With the predatormfree 2050 objective. This would be a really great lead to follow and should encourage owners to take better responsibility of their cats.
  • Debbieir about 1 year ago
    Can we do anything to ban the sale of fireworks to the public. This would end their private use, and allow only public firework displays.There is significant injury and distress to people and animals, damage to property (does this also impact council and emergency services relating to the use of fireworks?). In the VERY least they should be banned in RURAL areas, given the number of animals present, and cost of injuries and stress. They are let off well outside the allowed time around Guy Fawkes, and cannot be easily monitored. Notice is seldom given by neighbours and even when it is, it is nearly impossible to fully protect animals from harm.
  • Tina about 1 year ago
    *Cemeteries. Te Puke Cemeteries are kept well. Maybe limits should be on allowing encroachment onto the 'Lawn" part of the grave. Limit public transport times. eg between 7pm, 8am? to limit vandalism.* 4. Vermin. Now that Predator Free BOP and the present Govt's mandate to become predator free 2050, hope the WBDC supports all initiatives to promote the elimination of all vermin not native to Aotearoa.*Public Safety. Refer to comment, Public parking/safety. Increasingly as commerce, transport, safety of our children, work locations v. living locations. By law change need to be adaptable. Agree, review and adjustments are needed to mesh with Govt decrees and rapidly evolving changes in our district.* Nuisance By laws. Burning, disposal of waste. There is an anomaly in this by law. i.e. that deemed rural and those, urban. Why in the Western Bay District Council is there an easement for rural properties (lifestyle) allowing burial, burning, incinerating, throwing waste/ hazardous materials into the gullies/ waterways over the past 10 decades. Now with leaching, nitrates, e.coli, toxins, it's coming back to bight us. The next generation now have the responsibility to fix the degradation of our environment. Thank goodness present Govt. is starting to lead (plastic bags for starters). Recently there has been the Waste Management and Minimisation review. Disappointingly Western Bay District Council has decided to remain status Quo. There is a solution put forward by the Rangiuru Business Park Group regarding the "waste disposal" business. It seems little will to at least start looking to ward alternatives except the present basic recycle, burn, land fill, export overseas.(Money, rates etcetera is a misnomer)-doing nothing will be a greater cost to the very health as kaitiaki of the environment we are privileged to live in. If our human scientists can land probes on Mars, surely one would think sorting our waste problem out at home - planet Earth - must be simple as.*9.Control of Cycles and skateboards. In recent times, there appears to be a seismic shift regarding transport and transport corridors around Aotearoa. Believe it is time for a radical review in our bylaws as the new and diverse modes of transport are invented/accepted. With new suburbs expanding, infilling old suburbs, as townships, cities, villages join, evolve, so should the bylaws change to keep up.
  • Johnson about 1 year ago
    How about something for cat control?? For dogs, if you want more than 2 you require permission, dogs are kept a secure on their property, council receive money for registerations but cats, nothing and personally have been a nightmare for us with the amount of cats next door and across our road, we know of 8, at least between 2 homes. They tease our dog resulting in him barking, we have had to dispose of gear which has had cat pee on from them getting into our garage or with item outside, we have a flat roof and wake during night and early morning to cats running on our roof, our property. As dog owners we obey the law. At present i understand council have no rights when it comes to cat owners. They have become a pest to us personally. Why can't there be more law for cat owners particully who want to have more than 1 or 2??
  • Avenues Resident about 1 year ago
    Nuisance. As a pedestrian I am a 3rd class citizen and am often run off of the FOOTpath (capitilization intentional) or SideWALK (again capitals intentional) by:1. Bicycles2. Invalid carriages3. Postal workers on their new vehiclesFootpaths/ sidewalks are meant for pedestrians - revert them to Pedestrian only