What is broadband?

    Broadband, in the telecommunications world, refers to high-speed internet access.

    Just how fast (megabits per second or Mbps) your web experience is and the sort of data (email, movie, gaming etc.) you can access, will depend on how you receive broadband. This can be over fibre, copper wire, wireless or satellite connection.

    How much is Government investing?

    The Government is investing an additional:

    • $152 million -$210m to lift the UFB programme coverage from 75 per cent to 80 per cent of New Zealanders
    • $100m to expand the Rural Broadband programme
    • $50m to improve mobile coverage in black spot areas along main highways and in popular tourist destinations.

    Why are councils getting involved?

    Local councils have been asked to help identify the next priority areas, and ways they can support better connectivity of broadband and mobile coverage.  Councils can support their bid for better connectivity by:

    • working with residents and businesses to identify opportunities for broadband use and support rapid uptake
    • facilitating consent processes for new infrastructure
    • making deployment quicker and less expensive by providing information about existing infrastructure
    • providing assistance in developing or operating new sites (for example, by making land available or providing access or track maintenance).

    What is Western Bay Council's role in this project?

    We have a small project team working on our application, which includes developing a Digital Enablement Plan. This team will gather information from individuals, businesses, industry sector groups and community organisations through surveys and focus groups.  This information will be used to flesh out the case for Government investment in our area. 

    How can I help?

    The first opportunity to help is to participate in our survey about broadband and mobile black spots.  This survey is running from 15 May to 5 June.

    How can I stay up-to-date with this initiative?

    We’ll be updating this project page with news, progress, and any decisions made by Government.

    If you want to stay informed about a particular aspect of the project, you can register on our website.

    When will Council know whether our area has been allocated any funding?

    We expect decisions to be made on the allocation of funding before then end of 2015.