Other than alcohol bans, what else could Council do to make residents feel safer in your community?

almost 4 years ago
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A number of initiatives can assist in reducing alcohol-related crime and disorder. Some of these can be implemented by Council.

  • Redesigning ‘hot spots’ for anti-social behaviour. For example, removing park benches in areas where people are known to linger and cause nuisance

  • Developing more effective solutions to ensure access to services are available to assist those with persistent alcohol issues

  • Police using existing legislation to fine people who behave in a disorderly or threatening manner, use indecent or obscene words, fight in a public place, obstruct a public way, indecently expose themselves, damage property or vegetation, or excrete in a public place. They can also take an intoxicated person home or detain them until they cease to be intoxicated

  • Council increasing its monitoring for compliance of licensed premises

  • Council restricting the number of premises that can sell alcohol and/or where they are located

Thanks for having your say! Consultation has now finished. We'll be in touch with an adopted plan in August.

  • WBSue almost 4 years ago
    *It is usually groups of younger people who haven't learned to party and drink sensibly. I think adults supplying alcohol to youngsters should bear the costs / fines.*There should be no cheap alcohol available for sale* There should be only one outlet at Waihi Beach selling alcohol * More funding of community support organisations
  • Smith151 about 4 years ago
    It would be great if the Police could man the WB Community Station the whole time, not just over the Xmas period. If the Police are needed, they are coming from Thames, Morrisonville or even further afield. WB population explodes over Xmas and we need a more visible Police presence, and a quicker response time