Tangata Whenua

Our partnership with Tangata Whenua is important to Council.

Council’s adoption of the Treaty of Waitangi, Te Tiriti ō Waitangi Principles means staff must follow these principles within the workplace and in the business of Council.

There are specific provisions in the Local Government Act 2002 (Section 77 and Section 81) and in the Significance and Engagement Policy that define Council’s relationship with, and responsibilities towards, Māori. These responsibilities crystallise Council’s commitment to act in according to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Council must provide opportunities for Māori to contribute to the decision making processes. Furthermore, Council must take into account the relationship of Māori and their culture and traditions with their ancestral land, water, sites, waahi tapu, valued flora and fauna, and other taonga.

We have a strong partnership approach with Tangata Whenua. Tangata Whenua have representation at the following forum:

Recently Council adopted ‘Te Ara Mua, The Pathway Forward' - a plan developed in conjunction with Tangata Whenua. It signifies the efforts to meet the aspirations of Māori and Western Bay Council when it comes to kaupapa Māori.

Te Ara Mua is a framework for identifying Issues of Significance for Māori in line with Treaty of Waitangi principles and aims to inform and influence Council plans and processes. It’s a living document Council and Tangata Whenua will work on continually and review and revise when needed.